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costumes from Interview With the Vampire

For years I've been obsessed with the two "jewel" gowns from Interview With the Vampire, that I have neglected other gowns in the film. I am working on a dress based on the gowns that Claudia and Madeline wear in the scene where Claudia asks Louis to make Madeline a vampire. Mine is of green and black shot taffeta. Anyway, as I'm cutting out the skirt base, I popped the movie in. And the scene with the New Orleans whores revealed a dress I'd ignored in the past. And my god, it's gorgeous! Regency deliciousness:

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I love that one!

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You're right...I hadn't really noticed that one. It's gorgeous! I actually love it with the bloodstaines too :D. Would make a wonderful halloween-gown :D. On antoher note, I've had my eye on the blue and green gowns too. The blue one was on last years list, but I never started it (haven't got any fabric for it anyway). I have plenty of dark green taffeta, but haven't planned the green one yet. So I'm watching your gown with anticipation!

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I haven't watched this movie in years and years... but by coincidence it just happens to be on my dvr. It was showing on tv last week and I recorded it. Not that we don't probably own it, but you know how it is. I was planning on watching it this weekend while doing some sewing. I'll be on the lookout!

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I love that! I wish I could find a wig that looks like that too.