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Visiting Dress update

Both school work and a nasty cold prevented me from getting much done on this dress. I did get the underskirt made and nearly done. I made both sets of pleats, but I haven't sewn the lower set down yet (it's pinned in place).

It's very bright in my sewing room today, so the color looks a little bit washed out.

I had to do the pleats without my Perfect Pleater because I've come to realize it's bowed. I didn't realize until I tried to make pleats with a stripe in it. Immediately I could tell that the pleats weren't straight, and it matters when there is a stripe. Oh well. It wasn't so bad. I listened to Anthony Trollope's The Duke's Children while I pinned and pressed. The white ribbon I secured with double stick fusable iron-on tape before I pleated. There was no way I was sewing down a ribbon (would have required upper and lower edges, which already have decorative "pick stitching") to that much material. Yup, call me the lazy seamstress!

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Damn, that's fantastic! And if you're a lazy seamstress, then I'm catatonic ;-)

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That looks awesome Kat!

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Awesome! I love your use of stripes!

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very nice, that looks great! :)

They don't seem to sell much striped fabric here, if any, which is very strange, and a shame because you can do so much cool stuff with it and create lovely effects.

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Love it!