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I've made some progress today with the gown! Yay! But I need some help deciphering some tricky instructions.

I have a feeling only people who have made a saque back gown are going to be able to help with this one, but who knows!! OK. I'm attaching the bodice side front and back lining sections to the outer bodice side front section.

A finished garment looks like this from the inside:

As you can see, there is an inner bodice lining that laces up in the back, but it's covered by the outer shell that has the saque back drapery. Make sense? I hope so!

{EDIT: I think I got the help I need, but if you have any different ideas, feel free to share!}


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So I'm at step one, and I've been trying to picture this for like a half hour. OK...

I was told to cut 4 fashion fabric and 2 interfacing of the center front piece. Why 4 fashion fabric?? Makes no sense to me. Also, I don't use interfacing. I am just using white cotton.

So the initial directions are...

1. "pin interfacing to wrong side of two bodice front sections, having raw edges even. Baste front opening and upper edges along seam line. To form channel for boning, stitch 3/8" from center front. Insert boning through channel. Bast remaining raw edges together.

2. With right sides together, stitch facing (I guess they mean interfacing?) to bodice front, leaving notched edges open between large and small dot, back stitch at dots to reinforce seam. Trim seam and corners, clip curves and to stitching at large dot.

3. Turn bodice front right side out, press, baste raw edges together."

Oye! Can someone put that in easier language?? The way I'm picturing it, they want me to make two front sections and pin interfacing to both in step 1. BUT they only told me to cut 2 interfacing, not 4, so how is that possible? OR they mean by "two bodice front sections" the right and left, as opposed to two pairs. Fine, so then where is the second set of fashion fabric used??

What makes more sense to me is to use 4 interlining and to sew them together to form one underlayer (or lining) in which the bone casing sits, then sew that to the fashion fabric so the bone channels don't show on the outside.


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