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I feel so torn between so many projects!! Here's what I currently have in my head:

~The 1830's gown for SalonCon (fabric and pattern in hand) Done!
~A black bengaline and velvet NF evening gown (need TV 422 as well as make a suitable petticoat) Done!
~Finish the Olenska gown (bodice done)
~New Ren gown for the Fall (silk and pattern in hand)
~recover antique parasol
~Victorian goth bustle gown made of way too much black netting
~Titanic Boarding Suit (anyone try the Winego pattern for that one? Notes or advice, please!)
~Titanic Flying suit (got the pattern already)
~new Regency gown (have S&S pattern and some of the fabric)
~Regency open robe (have the pattern, no idea on how I want this to look yet)

I need $300 and 6 more months off!
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Since I don't currently have a project going (wahhh!), I thought I'd post yummy shopping goodness.

(xposted, sorry if you are seeing this multiple times)

I'm a shopper, so there are always things I want! Here is my total fantasy list

~15 yards of medium weight black silk taffeta
~15 yards of medium weight red/black shot silk taffeta
~15 yards of medium weight black silk faille
~15 yards of good quality black velvet
~endless black trim in lace, braid, silk, satin, velvet, etc
~a serger
~Fleuvog shoes, particularly these (thanks, [ profile] jola)
~and these Betsey Johnson patent leather Victorian booties
~and these Miz Mooz Victorian button boots
~and these hand made Victorian high-button boots from My Vintage Sole
~several corsets! One by Lara Corsets, one by Creations L'escarpolette (yes, I KNOW several of you lucky ladies have one or more from her!! I am green with envy!), and one from Electra Designs

I'll stop there for the moment! Since we have plenty of time until Xmas, I'm sure I'll post with more wanty-bits over the next several weeks.


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