Aug. 24th, 2007

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God, I can't decide on trim for the bodice!! Everything I choose seems 'too much'. I want this to be able to go with other things, so don't want to trim it to go specifically with anything. So ruffles are wrong, lace is wrong...I even tried the bead strings to drape over my shoulders from the straps. The only thing that seemed ok was some black satin ribbon bows at the top of the shoulder strap. That seemed to be a consistent trim chice for ball gown bodices, and a plain satin ribbon is safe.

I can always use brooches and necklaces to jazz it up. I could also use temporary trim like a lace sash going from one shoulder to the opposite waistline and end in a bow or flower.

The pictures really don't do this gown justice. I had the same problem with my silver and black stripe 1870's bustle gown. I tried to lighten the pics to get detail.

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Well, it seems I can't sit still. I couldn't just enjoy the rest of my afternoon and watch tv or have a nap. Oh no! I had to become obsessed with making an elbow length cape. Yeah, I know it's 95 degrees out...leave me alone.

Using the TV 590 1890's cape and a fashion plate I liked, I chose fabric and trim from the stash and started plotting. Jason chose the collar design because I couldn't decide.

black taffeta and black lace with satin ribbons. Yummy. Seriously, if this turns out the way it should, this will be freaking adorable.

I just finished pinning 90 thousand yards of black lace around the hem while having a glass of shiraz, so I'm beginning to relax. Things got interesting when I realized I was 6 inches short on the amount of lace I needed. Good thing I kept lace remnants from a past project. I don't think many will notice there are two different laces there. Heh heh.

OK, I'm off to put on the lining and realize I've put the collar on wrong or some other disaster.

See you tomorrow :)


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