May. 14th, 2010

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Today we leave for the Steampunk World's Fair! Half my closet is packed. I am laughing thinking "How are we going to fit all my stuff and all his stuff in the back of a Mini Cooper? But somehow we will. We don't know how, it's a mystery.

I have two outfits for each day (one day ensemble and one evening ensemble) except for Sunday, which does not require an evening gown. I planned my outfits around two eras of the Victorian period in order to keep the amount of understructures I had to bring under control. But still, 4 3-piece Victorian gowns take up a LOT of room, and that's after you've packed 2 big, fluffy petticoats and a steel bustle. I have three pairs of shoes, five pairs of gloves, 4 hats, 2 parasols, 1 "Edwardian" umbrella, plus undergarments, jewelry, opera glasses and more.

Dashwood (one of our 4 cats) thought he was sneaky and tried to pack himself in the folds of a petticoat. Can you imagine opening your suitcase at the hotel and your cat pops out? Oh my! I've heard stories like that, and they always amaze me. When I was a kid, my dad got in the car and started a 2 hour trip. He got half way there when he saw movement in the back of the car when he was checking his blind spot. It was our cat, Boots. She'd jumped in the open window of the car for a nice nap, and went for a ride. He had to turn around and bring her back. Too funny.

Anyway, I'm really excited to debut my three new outfits this weekend. We're bringing laptops, so will be able to post each day.

So who am I going to see? Are you coming?


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