Aug. 29th, 2010

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So I've begun the new Ren gown. I got out my Simplicity 8881 that I used 10 years ago only to find that the only piece that is cut out is the over skirt.

? o_O ?

I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out how that is possible. I made the dress. I'm looking at it right now. How is only the overskirt cut out of the pattern? I was just learning to sew then. Did the girl helping me loan me her pattern, and later I bought my own? There are no tracing marks on the pattern, so I didn't trace it. I have no memory of it! And here I thought I'd be one step ahead because I thought the pattern was already cut out! LOL!

One trick that girl taught me was instead of inserting boning, cut a sheet of plastic canvas to the shape of the front of your bodice and flatline it to your interlining to get that stiff, conical shape that was popular. I think something more period correct would be to use buckram or serious padding, but I am trying to use stuff in the stash and am not concerned with being period correct in this instance.

OK, I'm off to cut out fabric now! Wish me luck!

[edit] Ahh! The plot thickens! There are two copies of one of the pages of directions in the pattern bag. This proves there was once another copy of this pattern! I wonder what happened to it?


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