Aug. 31st, 2010

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So the underskirt is done except for waistband and hem. The pattern calls for me to move on to the overskirt. I'm using black cotton velvet and I made two "skirt guards" out of the forepart fabric. They are 5" wide and have antique silver braid trim running down the middle.

The trim is just pinned, so I can make some changes. What do you think? I made the guards 5" because that is how wide the facing is, and the fabric's pattern is large and I wanted to display a little of it. I don't have enough of the green to make a border around the hem of the skirt.

To tack it down, what would you do? I'm a fan of using the machine for as much as possible, but I'm thinking that to use it to tack down the guards would look shitty. The dreaded fabric glue? Eeensy weensy hidden stitches in matching green thread? I plan to use invisible thread to do the silver trim...could I use that in the machine to do the guards, too, or would you see it anyway?


Aug. 31st, 2010 09:01 am
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OK, so what if I gave the guards more depth and added a strip of black velvet over the guards and under the silver trim? (I used some scrap ribbon in this case as a test)

This trim is a silver and black mix, so when I pair it with straight silver trim, it looks garish. I love the idea of framing the guards in the trim, but I don't think I have enough.


Aug. 31st, 2010 09:42 am
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Ok, it is without the guards and just the silver trim.

Yay or nay?

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So...what about changing out the silver braid trim and using black instead?

photo under here...tired of taking up your friend's page!) )


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