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As a treat to myself and a way to avoid homework, I made a Natural Form era underskirt. The inspiration was a 2 yard remnant panel of a fancy fabric I found for $8 at Jomar this year. The fabric: it has horizontal rows of looped tassel fringe about 2.5 inches long headed with black sequins on a black lace base. After seeing the popularity of horizontal trimmings on natural form era gowns, I thought, "Oh, the work is already done for me! All I have to do is baste it on the skirt fabric!" and off to work I went.

So now it's put together, but now I'm afraid it's awful. I'm having one of those Project Runway moments when you look at your garment and realize it might be terrible. Does it look like I ripped a tacky curtain down from the dressing room in a Victorian burlesque hall and made a skirt?? Tim Gunn's voice popped into my head, "This worries me. You have a lot to think about." Is it too textured? Does the fringe make it look furry? I don't want a skirt that looks like it was made for Sasquatch at the Oscars.

So now I think I need to use trim to "cut" the heaviness of the fringe panel. Perhaps a pleated sash of grey silk from the upper hip, across the front, to the lower calf of the opposite side? (See this fashion plate for the general idea. It seems all sorts of drapery and sashes were combined at once!
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Not much time for sewing since we moved and I miss you guys!! However, I did mostly finish the bodice to the 1884 reception gown (if you forget, it's here:

It still needs sleeve cuff trim and some lace at the bust, but it's generally done. I wore it to Linsey and Duncan's wedding a week and a half ago.

No plans to make anything until the semester is over next month, so I'll have to live vicariously through you ladies!


Oct. 31st, 2009 10:11 am
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Happy Halloween!

Because of school I didn't have time to make a costume this year, so I decided to use feathers to turn existing clothing into a raven costume. I also have a great raven mask from the Pottery Barn of all places.

Here's a preview of what I have done for the upper half. God, I hope the feathers stay in place! They are only pinned to the bodice with straight pins since they will have to come off afterwards. Any advice?

[EDIT] I've decided to use small black safety pins.

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I totally forgot to show a photo of my completed NF era evening bodice! You remember, perhaps, that the sleeves were extremely sleevil, but I conquered them anyway.

(since I was working on two different projects at once I had the wrong skirt on the mannequin when I took this photo)

And here I am wearing it to the Drac's Ball!

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I've been slowly working on a new NF overskirt from the TV 326 Hermione overskirt pattern. I'm doing the panniers and back in black taffeta, and the front apron in that black and red stripe taffeta I got recently. It's turning out cute, and I hope it doesn't make me look huge (and not in the good way).

Here's a sneak peek

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This is the bustle I worked on Fri/Sat and wore last night. I'm really happy with it, but next time I'll cut the bustle stay pieces narrower.

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For summertime, I made a knee length steampunk bustle skirt. It's also great to show off boots that normally are hidden by my dresses. Jacket is from the new "Cirque 21" line at Forever21.

I even made a new bustle for it because my current one has an ankle length built-in petticoat that this skirt is too short for. See Laughing Moon hoops and bustles pattern, view E.

new fabric

Jul. 23rd, 2009 09:20 am
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Hmmm... so what would you do with this poly taffeta (aside from ignore it because it's not silk)? I have 10 yards

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Got more work done on the dress. Point d'sprit net overskirt has sequin trim; bustline fringe and first layer of skirt fringe are sewn on. Whoo hoo! Need to do hem, final layer of fringe, and zipper. I think this baby is going to get done for the trip!!

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Bodice is just pinned to skirt, and the trim isn't on, and it still needs a zipper and hem...

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Sleeves and cuff:

Last night I made the sleeves. They are unlined, but the directions do not have you flat-fell the seams, but only tell you to press them to one side and stitch the seam allowance down 1/4" from the seam. Leaves the edges all raw (since I forgot to serge the sleeves). Another thing I don't like about the sleeves is the cuff. The cuffs do not meet edge to edge like they are supposed to, but are an inch too short to do so. In addition, the way they have you attach the cuffs leaves the raw edge of the cuff showing just inside the sleeve! They say you can hand stitch it down "if you want". Yeah, I want.

Here's a pic of the sleeve with the raw edges of the cuff waiting to be stitched down so they don't flip back up and wave at everyone. You can also see the top stitched sleeve seam allowance.

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Well, between household chores and enjoying the weather, I didn't finish the bodice of the Lady Dragon dress. It still needs sleeves, boning, buttons and buttonholes, trim, and a hem. Oh well! But I did finish the skirts.

Here are some PHOTOS from yesterday afternoon. )

We also took some photos of me wearing them (paired with a brocade corset), but we left the camera in the car, so I'll post those later.
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I quickly made the rump pad for my polonaise gown this morning. Not the most expert thing I've ever done, but it'll do! Pattern by Winego.

And I solved the "I forgot to consider the rump pad when I did the petticoat hem" problem. Since there will be an overskirt, put the rump pad over the underskirt and under the overskirt. Problem solved!

As it was a beautiful day in the upper 80's, Jason and I spent the rest of the day at the park, so nothing else got done. I might show up at Costume Con in just 18th c undergarments!
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So here's the bodice so far. Of course it occurs to me too late that I can't overlap the center front to close it or the stripes won't match up. Opps. I fit it assuming there would be overlap, so now I fear it will be too big. But these things have a way of magically working out. Maybe with the stays on it'll fit snug enough. Still have to fiddle with the positioning of the box pleated trim to make both sides have the same shape. Looks a little uneven at the moment. But here is my progress shot:

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LL and I had a FABULOUS time today!!! The weather really held out so we could promenade all over the Museum area. First we met in the Azalea garden for greetings, photos, and a picnic. Jason and I were up too late last night at a nightclub and failed to bring any picnic stuff, but that turned out to be ok because everyone else brought soo much food! We oohed and ahhed all over each other. LL's dress was so amazing and looked so fantastic!! And her parasol was a dream!

Then we walked over to the museum exhibit and saw the most delicious French gowns. I saw my favorite blue and white 1874 striped gown as well as a purple silk and velvet outdoor costume that was so gorgeous. They let us take pictures, but no flash was allowed. There was a constant loop of nineteen-teens fashion show films and fashion plate stills on the walls (3 separate ones), and so the room was a wee on the dark side, so I fear my photos won't show much detail on the darker gowns.

The building that houses the textiles is very old and beautiful. The old fashioned elevator still has the turn crank and tiny wooden stool for the elevator operator!

LL was adopted by one of the gangs 7 year old daughter (now who is surprised by that??). So cute! LL couldn't leave until she'd instilled in the little lady a penchant for dressing up.

Unfortunately, LL had to leave us to go back to her family, and I was so sad to say goodbye as she really made my day by playing dress up with me.

From there we took an old fashioned trolley, run by the museum, back to the main building. It had old fashioned wood and iron benches for seats. Too fun! After perusing the museum bookstore and grabbing sodas, we went outside to say goodbye and a few last minute photos when we realized we'd never taken a group picture when everyone was together! Opps. So we got a shot of those of us left.

Then Jason and I went to dinner in the city - such a treat!

And here are the rest of the photos:
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I made some progress on the Frock coat dress. I made most of the skirt today! It still needs buttons up the edges of the striped panels, but you get the idea. The scalloped panels were a pain, but worth it. I really like them.

Lace cape

Apr. 4th, 2009 05:46 pm
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At least I finished something! Beige satin overlaid with black net lace.

Butterick B4419 View A

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After much cursing, I finally wrangled the flounce into ruffles and got it sewn onto the skirt.

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Laaaaaaaaa!! This is it. The perfect project for the lady who can't decide whether to make an 18th century outfit or a Victorian outfit. The best of both worlds! I'm sorry, I don't know what publication these originally came from, but I got them off the Alley today.

And another one here )
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Today I found a semi-sheerish black and white striped cotton for $2/yd. So delightful and I couldn't pass it up! I wish there was more left for all of you!

Over the past week I have gone through my main fabric bin to write down what I have and how much of each. I actually had more scraps taking up room than I thought. I only had 14 fabrics that fell under the Four Yards or More category (not counting a few fabrics that are already earmarked for something specific such as the striped linen), and most of them I fear to touch in case I choose the wrong project and "waste" the precious fabric.

So, what would YOU do with 10 yards of bright fuchsia bengeline? Might make a fun francaise, but would the fabric be right?


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