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I've missed talking to you guys about sewing projects! My semester became so overwhelming that I couldn't sew a thing after October.

But now I'm BACK!! Yay!

I have a few projects I hope to complete over Winter Break.

I'm making a version of this Pingat dress from the Kyoto book:

But I'm using some crazy fabric I found at Jomar: red satin embossed with a crocodile pattern. I'm using that where ever you see the floral fabric on the Pingat dress. Then I have a faux silk dupioni in a matching red for the rest of the dress. I'm still looking for a good red fringe. I plan to skip the plaid bow at the neckline ;)

The color is a bit off here, but you get the idea.

Another thing I think I'm going to tackle first is a black velvet ballgown bodice for a late 1880s style gown. Sort of like the bodice on the left (but in black).

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God, I can't decide on trim for the bodice!! Everything I choose seems 'too much'. I want this to be able to go with other things, so don't want to trim it to go specifically with anything. So ruffles are wrong, lace is wrong...I even tried the bead strings to drape over my shoulders from the straps. The only thing that seemed ok was some black satin ribbon bows at the top of the shoulder strap. That seemed to be a consistent trim chice for ball gown bodices, and a plain satin ribbon is safe.

I can always use brooches and necklaces to jazz it up. I could also use temporary trim like a lace sash going from one shoulder to the opposite waistline and end in a bow or flower.

The pictures really don't do this gown justice. I had the same problem with my silver and black stripe 1870's bustle gown. I tried to lighten the pics to get detail.

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Worked a bit on the bodice and a bit on housework.

Got fashion fabric spray basted to the interlining. Was trickier than I thought. My fashion fabric wouldn't take the spray baste very well and kept coming apart from the interlining. Opps. Plus, it needed a lot of smoothing to keep the bubbles out between the layers. Got that sorted as best I could.

Put together the fashion fabric layer and lining layer and tried them on. Too small. Not surprised. Let out two side hems and the center back hem on both lining and outer layers. Ahhh, much better! Then I put them on the mannequin and drew a new shoulder strap and neckline with dress chalk...cut cut cut and I have what I want.

At that point it was too late for me to start fiddling with making the boning and boning casings, so I've put it away until tomorrow.

Hope you all had a good wednesday :)
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I didn't realize that Project Runway wasn't coming back for a 4th season :( It was too brief!! I really miss it!

[EDIT: turns out it WILL return late in 2007 for a 4th season!! The Bravo channel website hasn't said anything yet, but it's been announced elsewhere! Yay!!

I saw Tim Gunn on Rachel Ray this morning, and he created a challenge for these three 12 yr olds who are budding fashion designers. It was such a tease, just getting to see him for a little segment saying, "Ok, so what are you doing here?" and "OK, designers, make it work".

I finished cutting out all three layers of the ballgown bodice I hope to wear saturday night. Just plain black so I can wear this in the future with anything. I didn't have a pattern for what I wanted, so I combined the front, side front, and side pieces of the Truly Victorian 462 with the back pieces of TV 463. It will be either sleeveless or have some little short sleeve or whisper of a sleeve. Part of me wants to do sleeveless with beaded strings that drip over the shoulders.

Now I have to pop down to the lobby for some newspapers to put down to protect the carpet from the basting spray.

Off I go!


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