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I had a brainstorm this morning, and it's either fabulous or horrid. Tell me! I have a Dracula's Ball on Saturday night, and I was thinking of making a pannier skirt of this ruffled fabric. I stuck my stays and panniers over top of my current Victorian gown (too lazy to remove current project, so just ignore it) and draped the fabric on top. Is this fabulous goth attire or awful? Remember, I'm not going for historical accuracy, I'm going for goth fabulousness.

And in the future, I can always use it as an under petticoat that won't be seen to further soften the pannier bones.

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When Beth and I met up the other day, she had a gift for me! Many yards of a striped cream and silver silk and many yards of a solid silver silk!! She bought them and decided she wasn't going to use it, and instead of returning it (perhaps she couldn't?), she gifted them to me! I'm so lucky!

I know I usually see 19th century in fabrics, but I really see 18th century here. What should I make? If it helps you to visualize, the stripes are 1" each.
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Not that I'm going to start sewing now, but I'd like to start thinking about my wardrobe for Convergence 15 aboard the Queen Mary next July. I see the rooms are decorated in the Art Deco style and that makes me want to have one 1920's outfit. Does anyone have any fashion plates or ideas for a 1920's outfit with a goth touch that would suit a curvy figure? Not that the 1920's ever "suited" a curvy figure, but one that wouldn't be totally awful, you know? What about a famous Paul Poiret harem pants outfit, a la Fleur Forsyte from The Forsyte Saga? Kambriel, I'll be coming to you for a headdress! Start brainstorming!

Oh, and I'm totally making two Titanic outfits (3 if I can get it together!!). I'm doing the Boarding Suit and I'm doing the flying dress. Now, I can do the boarding suit with the proper purple velvet accents, but I might go with black instead. Thoughts? Also, I could do the flying dress in the typical blue velvet and satin, but again, I might go black. Thoughts on that, too? I hear the original was black, so that makes me feel it's ok in my little costumer's brain.

The other day I ordered the Titanic butterfly comb and crocheted flying purse from Jill B. We'll see how the transaction goes this time.

Since this will be July, and California, will I die in the heat on board the ship? I was thinking "cool ocean breezes" would make these day outfits ok. Am I wrong?

OK, I really have to get ready for school or I'm going to be late for geology!


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