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I am going to make this like a 'real' journal entry so that I can read it later and remember what happened. Otherwise, I forget most of it as I have a poor memory. Feel free to skip to pictures if you like!

Upon [ profile] bauhausfrau's advice, I stopped in Gettysburg, PA on the way to VA. As it's famous for Civil War battles, they have a lot of shops that cater to history buffs. That means SHOPPING!!! I bought a tiny ladies pocket watch that opens. Isn't it tiny and pretty? Now I need a watch pin so I can wear it on my bodice. I also bought a fan holder chain. It has a special clasp at the top that hooks over a waistband and at the end of the chain is a clasp to attach your fan (or lorgnette or whatever). I love this thing! I saw a lot of reproduction mourning jewelry, but though it wasn't super expensive, it was still more than I could spend. The "In memory of" pin I wanted was $52.00. It was really crowded because it was "bikers weekend", so I didn't drive and re-park the car to visit all the other shops in town. Next time I'll leave earlier so I can do that.

ARRIVING AT [ profile] bauhausfrau'S HOUSE
About an hour after leaving Gettysburg, I pulled into the farm where L and her family live. Breathtaking!! 300 acres of farmland, rolling hills, trees, a pond, and deer. Not to mention a house to die for. Part of it was built in 1750! She welcomed me, I met her two boys, and we had dinner by the pool (bar b que chicken, fresh fruit, and salad) with her dad (who lives in another original building on the property).

After dinner, (we had changed into bathing suits) I watched everyone swim while I soaked my feet in the pool. I didn't want to get my hair wet so that it would be good for using a curling iron the next day. So wonderful and relaxing!

After dinner, she showed me her sewing room. HUGE!! Several mannequins and so much room! I saw the pattern, fabric, and trim stashes as well as her cedar-lined walk-in costume closet. After I was done turning green with envy, we talked about projects and general costuming stuff.

I also met L's husband, who is handsome and very nice! Poor guy was getting sick, though, so we didn't bother him much. Her two boys were the picture of perfect behavior, and so adorable, every minute I was there.

Woke up at the crack of dawn (I slept in a circular room with a million windows for a panoramic view). Outside the closest window, I watched birds and deer in the early morning mist. It was incredible.

Spent the morning ironing the tablecloths for the tea as well as L's gown and underskirt and my petticoat. [ profile] padawansguide arrived around Noon, and I was so excited to finally meet her in person! Such a sweet lady! I spent the next hour curling my hair and she helped me to arrange it when it was done. She was also gracious enough to offer help with my hat, which I couldn't get to sit quite right. She stuffed the crown with some tissue paper and advised me on how to angle it just right. Perfect!!

By this time, many of the ladies had arrived and we were all getting into our gowns, so there were chemises and stays and shoes and wigs and hats everywhere. It was heaven!

We then adjourned to the 1750 part of the house for tea, which holds the formal dining room and sitting room.

Here are some pictures )

Many more photos can be seen here, thanks to [ profile] padawansguide.

Later on, we shed our gowns, and changed into swim suits. It was over 90 degrees, so we deserved a refreshing swim!
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A quick post to let you all know I made to to VA, had a wonderful time, and came home safe again. Two things to share until I get settled.

A photo of me in my Chemise a la Reine!

And a video of tea guests having fun in the pool afterwards. No, that's not me in the pool. I'm taking the video, so you can't see me.

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Since I am wearing the gown to a special event on Saturday, I don't want to show the finished product until then. However, I really want to thank everyone who was able to give me advice while I was making this gown. I was working with a new type of gown and pattern, and a new-to-me fabric, so I had a million questions. This was really a group effort, and you all get credit for helping me to make this pretty pretty princess dress!!
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Wow. The Chemise gown has a looooooot of fabric in it. I don't think I've hemmed something with this much fabric! Any tips? The fabric is so light and there's so much, I figure there must be a "right" way to hem it.

Should I serge the edge and turn it up once?

Should I do a double fold hem?

Does it matter?

[EDIT] I ended up practicing on scrap fabric to see what I liked best. Why didn't I think of that earlier? LOL! Anyway, I ended up going with a 3-thread overlock narrow hem on my serger. The rolled hem was a teeny puckery with this fabric.

the Ruffle

Jul. 7th, 2008 09:54 pm
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The ruffle is done!

Thanks to your advice, the ruffle is made and attached. I used "whipped gathers" to hem the top and gather it at the same time (thanks, Catherine!). Like this...

then I sewed it to the neckline (wrong side of ruffle to right side of gown) and did tiny whip stitches at the tippity top.

That's all for today! Tomorrow...sleeve ruffles and hopefully... THE HEM (da da DAAAAA!!!)


Jul. 5th, 2008 08:47 pm
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Thank you for participating in my poll. The pink won 6 to 2.

chemise gown progress )
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I decided to make my Chemise a la Reine waist sash out of light pink satin. So what should I do about my straw hat (from Michaels). I'm going to cover just the crown and tip. Which color should I use? The flowers have lovely pink accents.

[Poll #1218275]

ADVICE NEEDED - making the neck ruffle

OK, now that you've voted, help me with the neck ruffle. The directions tell me to cut an 8" wide strip of fabric that is 2 1/2 yards long, fold it in half (so it's now 4" wide) and press, gather top edge, and then stay stitch it to the right side of the gown's neckline. The neckline has not had the drawstring put in yet. Should I really gather the neck ruffle before the neckline itself is gathered? Wouldn't that result in super silly ruffle, or is that right?

I'm a dork!

Jul. 5th, 2008 09:40 am
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So I've got the chemise a la reine on my mannequin. The neckline is not yet gathered, so it's on there all huge and drapey. Last night, after leaving my darling husband to sleep off the 4th of July festivities ahemBEERahem, I popped over to a girlfriend's to watch The Jane Austen Book Club (which was only so-so). I came home about midnight, and it was dark and stormy out. I walked into the dark livingroom and the gown on the mannequin was all glowing ghostly white and scared the hell out of me!!

Much better

Jul. 4th, 2008 09:19 am
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Jason came home early from work yesterday because today is a US holiday - Independence Day. He then distracted me from my gown by taking me to an early dinner and then coming home to make mojitos. Yummy!

But I did recut my sleeves and I did get one pinned on the gown. Muuuuch better!! I wonder why she made the armscye and sleeves so huge? Even with the adjustment for smaller arms that she advises, it was not only huge, but wonky. The advice I received by fellow LJers to recut new sleeves that are fitted, and adjust the armscye to fit the new sleevehead, did the trick.

I didn't tell you that I wrote to the pattern maker to ask a few questions (missing marks on pattern, and what to do about the waistline as nothing is mentioned). This was before the sleeve debacle. In response to the lack of a drawstring waist, she said that most of the interpreters she works with don't want a waistline drawstring, and prefer to use a sash to do the gathering.

I'm hoping to get the sleeves sewn on today before we start our 4th of July celebrations this afternoon. I have to wait for J to wake up before I start sewing because the sewing machine will disturb his sleep.
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I have a construction question!

Since my pattern does not mention any waistline drawstring, can anyone tell me how this is achieved? Do you cut a strip of bias and sew it to the right side, or wrong side, or what do I do?

Thanks for answering what is probably a silly question!

A bum pad!

Jun. 25th, 2008 09:01 pm
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Yay, I made a bum pad!

OK, undies are done and now I can cut out the gown!!

It has been brought to my attention that I can't see the results of the poll I posted over on [ profile] chemisedresses, which is why I thought no one voted. Thank you for your votes!! I have been told of the results, and am delighted to know that my ultimate decision matched the majority!
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Thanks to [ profile] jennylafleur's tutorial, I have finished the petticoat for my Chemise a la Reine!

I posted a poll over at [ profile] chemisedresses to help me decide on which style of Chemise a la Reine to make, but no one voted~ LOL! I think it IS hard to decide! However, I have decided to go with Neck Ruffle, and Plain Sleeve with Elbow Ruffle.

Anyway, without further adieu, here is the petticoat, made of white muslin.

Now to make a bum pad!
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I have my Regency short stays on, too, to show how the chemise and stays look together. I'm so glad it's done!! And my gown pattern arrived in today's mail, so now I can go look at it and see if I can get the pattern cut out. Tomorrow I will wash the fabric before cutting the gown out.

Oh wait. I have to make the petticoat and bum pad first. Darn it! LOL!! Just as I thought I was about to start on the gown I realized I had MORE underthings to make!
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Don't you hate it when you are at at point in a sewing project that doesn't interest you, so you aren't looking forward to working on it? For me, it's these flat felled seams. I still have to finish the other sleeve and down the sides. Blah! I wish for magic mice to come and finish them in the night!!

I need breakfast!
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The under chemise requires flat felled seams. This is my first try at such a technique! Fiddly, but not too horrid.

One sleeve to go!

I'm using the Simplicity 4052 underthings pattern for this chemise. I already made the short stays 2 years ago.
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I apparently waited so long to finally order a chemise gown pattern, that Lost Coast Historical Patterns is out of both the Wingeo and Rocking Horse Farm!! She sent me an email after I placed my order. Won't restock for 3 weeks! Opps.

Luckily, it looks like Patterns of Time has them, too, so I ordered it from there. I hope I don't get another "opps, it's out of stock" email.

I'll start my under shift today.

[Edit] I got notification from Patterns of Time that my pattern shipped today! Whoo hoo!

I lied

Jun. 19th, 2008 11:18 am
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OK, I lied! I didn't buy the RH pattern after all. I decided that since this isn't for a real reenactment group or a museum, it's ok if it's not totally accurate. I just suffered from plain ole sticker shock when I realized the pattern was $40 after shipping. I bought the Wingeo pattern. I figured it was the "middle of the road" option and good enough for me. As long as the directions are clear and it looks a bit like a chemise gown, I'm good to go!

Thank you all for your advice on this project. Since it's not Victorian, I'm out of my element!

...and yay for [ profile] chemisedresses!!
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I need to make a chemise and a petticoat for the chemise a la reine. I have a corset already. I have a pattern for the chemise, but what kind of petticoat do I need to make? Advice on how full it should be? Do I wear a bum roll?

Should they be of linen or cotton? Light weight, I assume.
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Looks like Reconstructing History is putting out some new patterns that look really great!

I wonder if the reason for the new chemise dress is due to the large number of ladies of my acquaintance who made them this past Spring/Summer!!

I also like the Regency men's greatcoat and the ladies' Regency morning dress


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