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My my! I have woefully neglected this journal! My apologies to those still following! I wrote my senior thesis (for my undergraduate History degree) during the Spring semester and it sucked up all my time. But it's done (I got an A!) and now I can share what I've been up to.

I made two new outfits for the Steampunk World's Fair.

"May Welland Visiting Dress" This was inspired by a dress May wears in The Age of Innocence a few times. You know I love me some stripes! This dress has no actual steampunk attributes other than being Victorian, but that's good enough for me!

I also made a day dress out of this cool red satin fabric embossed with a crocodile pattern and a red poly taffeta. I call it "The Croc Dress" it's alternate name is "The Sporting Dress" because I wore it to represent the imaginary head of the SPWF Croquet Team. I made the croquet harness, too.

The rest of the photos can be found here:

Then came time for the 6th annual Victorian party. Wow, I can't believe I've been doing this for 6 years!

I made a dress out of my famous white on white stripe cotton voile. Yup, that fabric I got years ago at Joann's that I used to make my Chemise a la Reine, my Regency chemise, and the Regency day dress I started like 2 years ago (and only needs a hem to be finished...I should be ashamed!).

And the rest of the photos can be found here:

Next up: 18th c. polonaise for Bastille Day in Philadelphia
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The other week I got the other half of the bodice made, and put in the two piece grommets. Yay!

School once again takes up most of my time, but I got a teeny bit done this week. I sewed on the hooks and eyes on the front of the bodice (28 in all). That took forever! Then last night I found more of the black cotton velvet lurking in my stash and was able to re-cut the right overskirt panel, so now both sides nap are going in the same direction. I then got the green "lower" sleeve cut out before I was summoned by Mr. S to go watch Dexter.

So much left to do and only two weeks to do it! I'd really better get a lot done tonight because tomorrow is the Germantown Revolutionary War festival (and the only day we're expecting sunshine this week or next! All other days it's rained/expected to rain) as well as one of my best friend's birthdays. I'm really excited to play 18th century with [ profile] blackcat452 and [ profile] past_blue! I even went out and got a new long length 3/4 wig so I can pretend I have long hair so I can style it like I used to.

I really got inspired by a dress I saw in a book titled "Black in Fashion" that I saw at the Met over the summer. Didn't have the cash to pick it up, sadly. It's a book that follows the popularity of black clothing for whatever occasion in the modern age (I think it starts with the 19th century). Anyway, it's got me itching to get back to sewing for the Victorian era.

So that's it for now!
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Hello! I have returned from the fair and am ready to share my outfits.

Friday is here )

Saturday is here )

Sunday is here )

We had a wonderful time and look forward to next year!

Here are all my photos!

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Today we leave for the Steampunk World's Fair! Half my closet is packed. I am laughing thinking "How are we going to fit all my stuff and all his stuff in the back of a Mini Cooper? But somehow we will. We don't know how, it's a mystery.

I have two outfits for each day (one day ensemble and one evening ensemble) except for Sunday, which does not require an evening gown. I planned my outfits around two eras of the Victorian period in order to keep the amount of understructures I had to bring under control. But still, 4 3-piece Victorian gowns take up a LOT of room, and that's after you've packed 2 big, fluffy petticoats and a steel bustle. I have three pairs of shoes, five pairs of gloves, 4 hats, 2 parasols, 1 "Edwardian" umbrella, plus undergarments, jewelry, opera glasses and more.

Dashwood (one of our 4 cats) thought he was sneaky and tried to pack himself in the folds of a petticoat. Can you imagine opening your suitcase at the hotel and your cat pops out? Oh my! I've heard stories like that, and they always amaze me. When I was a kid, my dad got in the car and started a 2 hour trip. He got half way there when he saw movement in the back of the car when he was checking his blind spot. It was our cat, Boots. She'd jumped in the open window of the car for a nice nap, and went for a ride. He had to turn around and bring her back. Too funny.

Anyway, I'm really excited to debut my three new outfits this weekend. We're bringing laptops, so will be able to post each day.

So who am I going to see? Are you coming?
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I've been super busy with many things. School, friends, and prepping for the Steampunk World's Fair. School is going well. One more exam this coming Tuesday and I'm finished!

A few weeks ago I attended [ profile] bauhausfrau's going away 18th c tea party. There seemed to be more champagne than tea, but it was an unforgettable weekend.

Here's my set of photos (with several taken from the flickr accounts of other attendees!)

Bauhausfrau also got a short video of the moment I invented "jampagne". See, we'd run out of pink champagne, and someone had brought delicious home made strawberry jam. I looked at my glass of champagne and looked at the jam and an idea was born! And yes, it was delicious! Someone else did come up with the name "jampagne", though. Who was it that named the new cocktail?

Since then I've been writing papers, studying, and doing a little sewing.

Here is the fabric layout for the bustle walking dress I'm making for the steampunk world's fair

So if you're going and you see a dress in this combination of fabrics, it's me!

Speaking of which, I have to get back to working on it. It's almost done!
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Hello! I finished the black and white NF era gown that I have simply named "Donna's Dress" since she inspired it!

I wore it this past weekend to Belvidere Victorian Days in NJ. It sort of drizzled all day, but we made the most of it!

Made entirely of cotton from the Truly Victorian 1882 tea gown pattern with the neckline from the TV 410 1873 polonaise, and a "Victorian revival" white blouse underneath purchased at the mall.

Please ignore the alien cat in the background. She is clearly engaging in shenanigans.

As you can see, I paired the overdress with a striped skirt I made several years ago. The parasol frame is circa 1890's and was recovered in net and lace by me and mostly Beth because I was distracted putting in an offer on a house the day she visited.

Here is a link to photos from the day:
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We had a great time onboard the Queen Mary this past weekend!

Here I am in my finished "Jump" dress. Thank you all SO MUCH for the compliments and support during this project. I'm really happy with the results. Perhaps some day I'll add the beaded medallions to the skirt :)

and the whole photo gallery from the weekend can be found here:

(for some reason, some photos can take up to 30 seconds to become unpixelated)

Funny story:

The night I wore the Jump dress, my sweet friend Cat took us out to a posh LA club called The Edison. Man, was it cool inside!! Anyway, there was a line of hot, young model-types waiting to get in, but because we were dressed the way we were, the bouncers let us in immediately! It was so fun to sail past the red velvet ropes with everyone looking on jealously!
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I know a lot of people haven't seen this movie yet, so my Sunday afternoon gown was lost on them. It was based on a gown that "Lizzie" wears upon her arrival in England in the movie based on the Edith Wharton book "The Buccaneers". Here's a screen shot I took

and here's my version (in the time I couldn't find striped sheer) and matching hat

and another shot with the train down from this past weekend (thank you isabelladeangelo for the photo!)
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Feel free to take pictures for your own private use
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I just have a few minutes before I have to get ready for school, but here I am at the 18th century "Polonaiseville" tea Friday afternoon!

(I'm on the right)

...and with [ profile] bauhausfrau (she's on the right), who inspired Polonaiseville and organized the tea!

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I can't believe it's here already! Whoo hoo! I'll see you all tomorrow! I can't wait to meet so many of you for the first time and to oggle dresses and talk costuming!
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I have like 4 loads of laundry in, I've located gowns and undergarmets on the tentative list, and I've packed one medium sized suitcase full of shoes and accessories (gloves, purses, knee socks, jewelry, etc). I also have a large box for two hats and a large shopping bag with the rest of my millinery (smaller hats, feathers, and hair flowers).

Still have to hand wash two bodices and my 18th c corset. How does one actually sew and do homework when all this needs to be done? LOL! ACK!!
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I've never been to Costume Con before and the website is a little confusing for a 1st-timer. So...what are the events we're attending?

There is a "Friday night social" at 8:30pm...what happens there and what do we wear?

I see the Historical Masquerade and a Fantasy/Sci-Fi Masquerade. Do they happen at the same day/time, in different rooms, or ?

I see something about a Future Fashion Folio. I have no idea what that is or when it is.

And the classes...I see a "tentative list", but no dates/times. Is this what happens Sat and Sun during the daytime? Do we sign up? Will they post lists or do we just have to get lucky? Do people dress up for the classes?

I'm trying to figure out what to bring and when to wear it, and to be sure I know what is going on so I can see everyone in their gorgeous finery.
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Whew! Man I have a lot to do! I just started on the bodice of the Period Impressions polonaise and I find I'm not in love with it so far. Thank god [ profile] bauhausfrau already warned me that it is short waisted. Wondering if I should have stuck to that Butterick pattern I already made up a few years ago after all as I think the back pieces are shaped better (3640). Well, we'll see. Don't expect the best fitting bodice! Makes me feel bad because this is silk taffeta and I can't usually afford such nice material.

I hope I get a chance to make some trim. School keeps getting in the way of my sewing! I also have to trim the lovely hat I got from [ profile] bauhausfrau last summer, but that part will be fun.

I haven't yet worn my black 18th c stays AS stays, and I'm wondering 1)how black stays will look under large 1" repeating cream and silver stripes, 2) how it will change the fit of the bodice, and 3) will they actually be comfortable under a bodice when I can't access them to tug them about. Please don't let it be hot on April 30th!!

Is it awful to have black shoes with a silver and cream gown? It's all I have at the moment as most of my wardrobe is rather dark. I could make little shoe clip cockades of the dress material.

Oh and I WISH I'd had enough time to make a matching parasol! I have a black silk with a black handle, a white with black lace overlay with a blonde wooden handle, or a white sutler parasol I trimmed with venise lace and ruched white netting a few years ago. Which one do you think I should bring?
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Well, I am!! Yay for [ profile] bauhausfrau for being my roomie again so I can come play dress up.

I'm excited to meet you all!

Now, please tell me what kind of dresses to bring!

*EDIT* Ah ha! I see the 18th c. is the popular choice this year. Darn it all, I don't have very much 18th c yet, so I'll bring what I have and fill in the blanks with Victorian. Any requests?
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LL and I had a FABULOUS time today!!! The weather really held out so we could promenade all over the Museum area. First we met in the Azalea garden for greetings, photos, and a picnic. Jason and I were up too late last night at a nightclub and failed to bring any picnic stuff, but that turned out to be ok because everyone else brought soo much food! We oohed and ahhed all over each other. LL's dress was so amazing and looked so fantastic!! And her parasol was a dream!

Then we walked over to the museum exhibit and saw the most delicious French gowns. I saw my favorite blue and white 1874 striped gown as well as a purple silk and velvet outdoor costume that was so gorgeous. They let us take pictures, but no flash was allowed. There was a constant loop of nineteen-teens fashion show films and fashion plate stills on the walls (3 separate ones), and so the room was a wee on the dark side, so I fear my photos won't show much detail on the darker gowns.

The building that houses the textiles is very old and beautiful. The old fashioned elevator still has the turn crank and tiny wooden stool for the elevator operator!

LL was adopted by one of the gangs 7 year old daughter (now who is surprised by that??). So cute! LL couldn't leave until she'd instilled in the little lady a penchant for dressing up.

Unfortunately, LL had to leave us to go back to her family, and I was so sad to say goodbye as she really made my day by playing dress up with me.

From there we took an old fashioned trolley, run by the museum, back to the main building. It had old fashioned wood and iron benches for seats. Too fun! After perusing the museum bookstore and grabbing sodas, we went outside to say goodbye and a few last minute photos when we realized we'd never taken a group picture when everyone was together! Opps. So we got a shot of those of us left.

Then Jason and I went to dinner in the city - such a treat!

And here are the rest of the photos:
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Once again, I want to thank you guys for your input. Half the fun is deciding on details, and sharing ideas!

Here is the finished outfit that I wore last night. Pretty much what you saw before for Saloncon, but I added the birds, the cane (I made that two summers ago. I had trouble getting the pieces to stay on, so two different friends offered to fix it. One kept it for a year, the other for a few months, but it's finally done), and various "birdwatching medals". Steampunk birdwatcher!

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I got the buttons and button holes done. I admit, some of the button holes look as though I'd had a few drinks! I think my machine needs a tune up. I'll take it in Monday. Still need to do the decor on the cuffs, and it's done. Here's a preview shot

It kind of fits. The waist is still too big, the area right above my breasts is a smidge too small, but the jacket does button. I'm just not sure how comfortable it'll be. We'll see. Maybe I'll take [ profile] bauhausfrau's advice and wear my 18th C. corset underneath (if it'll fit under there), so if the jacket feels too hot or too annoying, I can take it off. !!!

Now, since it's Halloween, I feel like I'm allowed to make it look a bit slutty. I was thinking of just wearing a short poufy skirt over my panniers with the jacket. The Dracula's Ball is crowded, so not many people see what you have on below your waist anyway. Should I do that or wear the original long black 18th C. skirt? And if I do that, should I wear colored tights with my black velvet platform shoes? Change the shoe laces to red satin?

Tonight I am attending two parties. I will wear my Steampunk Birdwatching ensemble, for which I got those birds from Michael's yesterday. I think I'll pop one on top of my hat and put another on the cane (yes, I got my steampunk cane back from Jason's friend, who was sprucing it up).

Now, which bird arrangement do you like for his outfit? #1 has 2 raven and one gaudy bird of paradise. The other is just the raven alone. Vote for your favorite!


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A photographer at the convention got a great shot of the gown. YAY!! I was really hoping someone had gotten a full-length shot!

A good bodice detail shot here )


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