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I've missed talking to you guys about sewing projects! My semester became so overwhelming that I couldn't sew a thing after October.

But now I'm BACK!! Yay!

I have a few projects I hope to complete over Winter Break.

I'm making a version of this Pingat dress from the Kyoto book:

But I'm using some crazy fabric I found at Jomar: red satin embossed with a crocodile pattern. I'm using that where ever you see the floral fabric on the Pingat dress. Then I have a faux silk dupioni in a matching red for the rest of the dress. I'm still looking for a good red fringe. I plan to skip the plaid bow at the neckline ;)

The color is a bit off here, but you get the idea.

Another thing I think I'm going to tackle first is a black velvet ballgown bodice for a late 1880s style gown. Sort of like the bodice on the left (but in black).

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I've been super busy with many things. School, friends, and prepping for the Steampunk World's Fair. School is going well. One more exam this coming Tuesday and I'm finished!

A few weeks ago I attended [ profile] bauhausfrau's going away 18th c tea party. There seemed to be more champagne than tea, but it was an unforgettable weekend.

Here's my set of photos (with several taken from the flickr accounts of other attendees!)

Bauhausfrau also got a short video of the moment I invented "jampagne". See, we'd run out of pink champagne, and someone had brought delicious home made strawberry jam. I looked at my glass of champagne and looked at the jam and an idea was born! And yes, it was delicious! Someone else did come up with the name "jampagne", though. Who was it that named the new cocktail?

Since then I've been writing papers, studying, and doing a little sewing.

Here is the fabric layout for the bustle walking dress I'm making for the steampunk world's fair

So if you're going and you see a dress in this combination of fabrics, it's me!

Speaking of which, I have to get back to working on it. It's almost done!

new fabric

Jul. 23rd, 2009 09:20 am
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Hmmm... so what would you do with this poly taffeta (aside from ignore it because it's not silk)? I have 10 yards

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Today I found a semi-sheerish black and white striped cotton for $2/yd. So delightful and I couldn't pass it up! I wish there was more left for all of you!

Over the past week I have gone through my main fabric bin to write down what I have and how much of each. I actually had more scraps taking up room than I thought. I only had 14 fabrics that fell under the Four Yards or More category (not counting a few fabrics that are already earmarked for something specific such as the striped linen), and most of them I fear to touch in case I choose the wrong project and "waste" the precious fabric.

So, what would YOU do with 10 yards of bright fuchsia bengeline? Might make a fun francaise, but would the fabric be right?
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When Beth and I met up the other day, she had a gift for me! Many yards of a striped cream and silver silk and many yards of a solid silver silk!! She bought them and decided she wasn't going to use it, and instead of returning it (perhaps she couldn't?), she gifted them to me! I'm so lucky!

I know I usually see 19th century in fabrics, but I really see 18th century here. What should I make? If it helps you to visualize, the stripes are 1" each.
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So I keep going back to Jomar (local store that sells discontinued and closeout fabrics) to look for a deal on winter weight fabric for a winter coat as I've been wanting to make the Butterick B5266 and TV 560. Well, today I found a smidge over 5 yards of a 60" wide Donna Karen 100% Italian wool tweed for (drum roll please...) two dollars a yard!!!

So, now I get to decide which coat I make out of this fabric. Of course, I still have to get the interlining and lining...

Anyway, here's the fabric:

Meanwhile, I started a plain taffeta petticoat to wear under my bustle. Because the bustle and petticoat are cotton, I find they tend to grip my cotton knee socks and cling to my legs. So if I have a taffeta layer between my socks and cotton pettis, I'll be good to go. Since I had a ton of purple taffeta on hand from long ago, that's what I'm making it out of. So it's my first Stash project! Yay!
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I got 3 yards of

The color is less red than brown-red in reality. Can I dye this with RIT or will that not work? Before I send it back, I need to know.
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Hrm. I just went through my fabric stash. I have a ton of fabric in there with no plans for most of it. Some of it I know I won't use because I bought too much for a past project and don't want to make a second garment out of it. I'm too lazy to measure it out, photograph it, and get it weighed (involves taking it all to post office and having each individually weighed) to sell it. So there it will sit taking up room, taunting me with it's fabricness.

Can someone come over and help me get inspired and pick gown designs for my fabric?

And I'm missing one of my new TV patterns. I fear it fell out of a broken zipper of my suitcase when I came back from NC. Hopefully not, and that it will turn up somewhere in the apartment.

I could have worse problems!
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Does anyone have a fabric shopping icon??

Anyway, I was coming home from the other Joann's (my usual Joann's location was out of white taffeta, which I need for my 1875 petticoat) when I passed something that made my tires screech and my car lurch sharply right with no regard for pedestrians or other vehicles.


Jomar 5 minutes from my house

If you don't know what Jomar is, it is a store that sells discontinued, dead stock, and overstock fabrics from manufacturers. They are on huge rolls and most are not labeled with fabric content. Turns out they had a rainbow of colors in bengaline and moire for...



I got 6 yards of a gorgeous red bengaline (blue red as opposed to orange red. Yeah, I bought what was left on the roll), 2 yards of a pretty pink moire (for a parasol with black lace on top. Oh yes), 2 yards of a soft, drape-y black netting (so perfect for hats!!!), and 4 yards of petersham ribbon. This all cost $11.00 and change.

They have lots of black moire for $4/yd, and soon I'll go back for that as well as the $1/yd purple.
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I wish I could find a good "fabric shopping" icon...

Anyway, yesterday was my birthday, and I celebrated by taking my 40% off coupon to Joann Fabrics to get some black lace. I got 10 yards of a faux English net that is 2 1/2 inches deep. Then in the sale area, I found the most beautiful wine taffeta embroidered with olive and gold flowers and vines!! Originally about $40 a yard in their home decor section, it was now $5/yard!! But there was only a yard and 20 inches left. I took it!! It will most likely turn into most of a day bodice.


Tomorrow begins the 50% off coupon days, so I'll go back for some more trim. I seem to buy lots of fabric and never any trim, so I need to stock up.
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To celebrate my last official class of the Fall 2007 semester, I went fabric shopping at JoAnn's. The cotton velveteen was 50% off (which is rare), so I got 6 yards of that (black, duh). I also got 5 more yards of the pretty, pretty black satin taffeta. So now I see a new Victorian gown made of black satin taffeta and black cotton velveteen.


I asked the ladies at JoAnn's about my quest for a serger, and they all told me to go for the White Speedylock. Go figure...they don't even sell that!

I think I'm good on fabric for the moment, and should begin concentrating on bulking up on trim. I have, like, none. I'm envisioning pretty venise lace, beaded trim (not the fringe kind), boxpleated ribbon, ruffled lace and more. Can I have a million dollars?
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Jason and I went out last night. I had him take some pics before we left.

Here I am in the new bodice I made. You can't tell, but I added black venise lace around the neckline. The skirt is the one I made for Convergence 13 this past May. I'm so glad I now have a ballgown bodice to wear with it as well as the day bodice!!


In other news, can someone buy me 5 yards of this fabric so I can make my 18th C. panniers out of it? Thanks!!

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Popped into Walmart today to see what was on the $1/yd table, and they had a ton of this soft and drapey black stretch net! I got 6 yards, but I'm not sure what I want to do with it.


1) Sexy goth flared-bottom style skirt with netting underneath the bottom to make it flare out into the correct shape

2) fingerless elbow length mitts

Ummmm.... what else? My imagination is failing me. Help me out! The only thing I'm sure I don't want to make is any sort of cape.


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