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So I popped over to Joann's to get lining, black linen, and a few supplies for the Titanic Boarding Suit when I saw the crepe back satin was on sale. And they had the most delicious red. Yeah, so I bought that just in case I have time to work on the Jump Dress for Convergence.

This is a tough week for me because I scheduled a bunch of needed dental work for Mon, Thurs, and Friday and I'm taking someone sight seeing on Wed. I won't be able to start working on anything again until the weekend (and I think I'm going to that Acorn Hall Victorian Weekend on Sunday)
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Jason fell asleep in the living room, so I couldn't watch tv or sew, and I don't have any new books at the moment (shocking!), so I went fabric shopping. Jomar had a good yield today! I got several yards of this soft, drapey spotted net. I think it's perfect as an overlay on a Regency gown as well as for drapery or overlay on summer bustle gowns. And the best part? You guessed it: $1/yd

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Just sharin' my new fabrics...

I love me a 50% off sale!

And I'm a dork and only just discovered this FABULOUS Georgian hair how-to:
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I got a bunch of crap I've been stalking in the red tag apparel area today. Black on black floral embroidered organza with a scalloped border on each selvage edge. Perhaps a gothic 1830's in honor of Young Victoria (like the yellow party dress from the film)? Then I snagged 7 yards of a pretty moire bengaline in a medium raspberry color. No thoughts on that yet, but I see it paired with black. Then there was some black taffeta...better than the party taffeta but certainly not silk taffeta, but at $3/yd on clearance, I couldn't say no to 8 yards. That will turn into some gothy creation one day. I felt guilty spending $78.00 on fabric until I remembered how much I got for so little.
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Today I found a great poly two tone taffeta in many colors at my local Joann's superstore. Not the thin "Party taffeta" they usually carry, but a nice weight. $5.49/yd AND you can use your coupons on it! Here's what my Joann's contact had to say when I mentioned it...

The two-tone taffeta is the second in a series of "special buy fabric of the month." Last month's was embroidered stretch lace. I have no idea if the traditional stores are participating as well, since I work at a superstore. If you like it, buy it up, because it's not regular stock, and won't be carried past the end of the month! (Or that's what our softlines manager told me, at least!)

Great for those of us that can't afford silk taffeta.

In other news, my frock coat dress is almost done. I have to finish putting the sleeves together and get them set, and then hem it and it's done! Good thing since I'm supposed to wear it on Sunday.
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Has anyone gotten the silk shantung from Fashion Fabrics Club? They are running a good sale, and I want to know if it is nice for Victorian gowns.

Anyone know?
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Today I found a semi-sheerish black and white striped cotton for $2/yd. So delightful and I couldn't pass it up! I wish there was more left for all of you!

Over the past week I have gone through my main fabric bin to write down what I have and how much of each. I actually had more scraps taking up room than I thought. I only had 14 fabrics that fell under the Four Yards or More category (not counting a few fabrics that are already earmarked for something specific such as the striped linen), and most of them I fear to touch in case I choose the wrong project and "waste" the precious fabric.

So, what would YOU do with 10 yards of bright fuchsia bengeline? Might make a fun francaise, but would the fabric be right?
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I made a cute and very simple necklace:

And I have a summer steampunk Victorian gown brewing:

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50 degrees and sunny? On Feb 2?? I know it's a weird fluke and won't last another few hours, but it inspired me to think SPRING. I got the following pretty fabric cabbage roses at Icing (accessories store at the mall for those of you that don't have one. No, they don't have a website :(

Good for 18th C costuming!


In other news, the moire bengaline I ordered from Ebay came today (for the 1895 half mourning suit that I already made the skirt for). Not quite the same fabric as I had previously. Much more matte, but ok. I still plan to make the jacket, and I hope the two fabrics go together ok. Also, it was packaged like total crap. It was shoved into the smallest flat-rate priority mail envelope with no further protection, but luckily did not get damaged. In addition, I paid DOUBLE the shipping than it actually cost. Usually I don't mind extra shipping costs because I assume it went to pay for packaging, but in this case, it certainly did not as the thin cardboard priority mail envelope is free. I am not able to leave "neutral" feedback within 7 days of a listing's closing, so I wrote to the seller with my concerns. I wonder if they'll write back. Eh, whatever. At least it arrived, and quickly.
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This fabric is so cute!! I need shoe bags made out of it!!

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That's frustrating. I was trying desperately to get screen caps of some of Cynthia and Mrs. Gibson's gowns, but it seems that in every second of every scene, they have a fan, hand, handkerchief, or shawl in front of their waistline!! Any scene in which their hands are otherwise occupied, the shot shows from the bust up, side, or back. GRRRR!

I did get some nice screen shots of the gossipy Mrs. Goodenough, brilliantly played by Elizabeth Spriggs :)

I've settled on a muave or muave/grey silk or taffeta for my 1830's gown. Now where to find it and at a reasonable price?? I'm still trying to find the perfect "gold green" shot silk for my purple sari regency gown.
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I went to Joann's to get cording for the chemise and muslin for my petticoat when I saw this:

Sheer purple sari fabric with a gold border. Then I saw a gold/green dupioni. And I knew they had to be a Regency gown with the purple as the overdress. Yummy!! There wasn't enough of the dupioni left, so I'm gonna have to find it elsewhere. Anyone know of a particular deal on a pretty gold/green taffeta or something?

I swear I'll get back to those felled seams tomorrow. The weather was too pretty this weekend to keep from being distracted and going to the park with Jason.
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Can anyone tell me about how many yards the chemise gown (chemise a la reine) requires? Would 4 yards of 60" be right? 5 yards? I'm 5'5" with a 27" waist and small bust.

Also, I found a ton more of that pretty cotton voile at the Joann's here in Vermont. Would that be ok to use to make this garment? (see the fabric HERE)?

Thanks, guys!!
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I heard that Joann's was having their rare 50% off clearance area, so hopped over. I picked up 14 yards of this pretty, soft, delicate white on white shadow stripe cotton voile for $2.50/yd. And it's just over 60" wide! I see a summer bustle gown and perhaps some underthings!

Then I hit Jomar and got 5 yards of this (maybe silk?) white and black stripe fabric. I'm thinking this might be nice for that Simplicity 9699 I recently got.

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Starting this Thursday, February 21st through Saturday February 23rd, all McCall's patterns are $1.99 each!

Then, next Thursday, February 28th through Saturday, March 1st, all Butterick patterns are $1.99 each!

And now through March 1st, most 54" home decorator fabrics are 50% off!


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