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On a Victorian sewing board I belong to, someone took a regular dress they bought off of Ebay and turned it into a beautiful Victorian gown. I thought it would be inspiring to those of us in the High Goth Challenge.

Read all about it HERE.
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I posed a High Goth Challenge last month in my regular journal. I posted an inspiring fashion shoot from Vogue magazine, and was so personally inspired, I posed a sewing/crafting challenge, which can be found HERE.

I said we had until Jan 1, but I think I'll extend the date to Spring sometime. One needs time and money to do it right!

OK, anyway, I still have no idea what I'm doing yet. I keep changing my mind! At the moment, I'm inspired by this gown

I love the shape of the skirt part. Anyone know of a pattern that will give me that completely exaggerated fishtail with train? Anyone want to draft me a pattern for that skirt? (39" hips 27" waist, about 5'8" with proper platform heels on). I wish I had a chance in hell of drafting it myself, but no way.

So does anyone else want in?  Remember, you don't have to make something from scratch if you don't sew.  You can take fabulous pieces and piece them together (do justice to those '80's prom and bridesmaids gowns from the thrift stores...cut 'em up and dye 'em black!).  It's all about being over the top glam/elegant/creative.  Think if John Galliano created a line of ball gowns for the  Queen of France who happened to be Goth As F**k.  I want to see feathers and sparkly, satin, lace, pvc...tulle and organza.  Go crazy, baby!


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