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We are all in a tizzy over the arrival of the highly anticipated "Georgiana" 18th c. shoe by American Duchess Boutique. It's dyable silk! It's gorgeous! It's AFFORDABLE!!

Available for PRE ORDER April 1st

Since I'm writing on the fashions of the very influential Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire for my senior undergraduate capstone, I really like the choice of names.
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I hit a wall with my purple NF gown. Just didn't feel like working on it for a while, I guess, and became enamoured with 4 yards of a black moire bengaline in my Stash that I got for $1/yd at a closeout sale earlier this year.

Realizing I really like to wear a particular skirt in my wardrobe, I decided that it made sense to make it again out of the moire bengaline. I am currently making the skirt from Simplicity 4156 (1895 suit) without the triangle appliques. The front seams will be covered with 3/4" black velvet ribbon. I then ordered 4 more yards of the fabric so I could make the matching jacket (which is a reproduction from a fashion plate, by the way. See cover of Stella Blum's "Paris Fashion of the 1890's"). So this will be an 1890's half-mourning suit even though I know the fabric is inappropriate ;P And I need to make the matching hat from the fashion plate!
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Forget line drawings!! We now have LIVE coats posted to Truly Victorian! See two versions...

Heather said, "One is the thigh length, coat sleeve, storm collar, fitted coat. The other is the knee length, bell sleeve, notch collar/lapel, semi fitted coat. I am thinking I am going to go ahead and put dart into the other coat and make it fitted too. I really like the fitted look."

The only problem I have with the pattern is that she recommends cotton or calico for the lining. Coats should have a slippery lining so you can easily slip it on or off, shouldn't they? Personally, I'd line it in lining material. Thoughts?
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Truly Victorian patterns has come out with the long awaited BUSTLE COAT pattern!!

*Kat holds her own private parade*

(And I love that the short version looks just like the one I made last year!!)

*scampers off to order the new pattern and dream of a long bustle coat.*
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The famous (and expensive) book, The Opulent Era: Fashions of Worth, Doucet and Pingat is no doubt a highly prized piece for any lover of Victorian fashion. Until now, I could only see a few sad images from this book. Now, the Brooklyn Museum has put up exhibition photos from 1989!,_Doucet_and_Pingat

The red gown with the blonde lace made me swoon!
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Attention Steamppunk fans! The 2nd Annual Time Traveler's Picnic is to be Saturday, August 2nd at the NY Renaissance Faire!

Info here:

Who's going?
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Here are Forrest's photos from the Victorian Party. Enjoy!

Click on picture to go to photo gallery generously provided by Forrest!

(Thank you, Forrest!)

Here you can see my Buccaneers gown finished. I am wearing the LM trained hoop underneath. It was 90 degrees that day, so we were all suffering in the heat, yet having fun!
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On the various Victorian sewing boards, ladies asked me #1, to show what the difference was between my skirt over this new bustle as opposed to other bustles I wear.

I did that HERE

and #2, they asked me what it was like to actually wear~ specifically, sit in, this trained bustle. I experimented with that HERE.

I hope my experiences have helped you if you were thinking about this trained bustle. It's not for every dress or every event, but I'm really happy to have it as part of my under structure collection.
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OK, I know several of you have warned me away from the Rocking Horse Farm patterns, but I have an opportunity to get one on sale, and I wanted your opinion.

Has anyone tried the "Colonial Riding Habit" pattern?

It's to recreate the famous Dangerous Liaisons yellow traveling gown that Glenn Close wears. Is it an ok pattern? Terrible? Should I get it?
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Last night I spent a good two hours looking through the past sales results gallery of the Whitaker-Augusta auction site.

I want to make so many things!! 1910's suits, lace tea dresses, reception gowns, and more. I will never get them all done!

Anyway, I was stunned by this red and black gown:

I have no idea when I'll ever get to making it, but I will!

Due to mid-terms, I haven't gotten anything else done on the 1890's ballgown, but I should be able to work on it some this weekend.
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The following article from the London Times on Feb 16, 1896 forecasts the Fall of the Big Sleeves! Oh no!! I'm out of fashion already!

Anyway, I did the second sleeve today, so now we have two Lamb Chops! OMG, this gown is going to make me look very regal and important!! That is, if you can find my head around my gigantic sleeves!!

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Looks like Reconstructing History is putting out some new patterns that look really great!

I wonder if the reason for the new chemise dress is due to the large number of ladies of my acquaintance who made them this past Spring/Summer!!

I also like the Regency men's greatcoat and the ladies' Regency morning dress
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Has anyone worked with the free patterns from Particularly, this one:

It is just what I need, but I've never worked with a pattern I didn't cut out in "my" size. How do you enlarge and get the curvatures right? Is there a trick, or do you just guesstimate? I don't see anywhere when it might mention what size the "original" pattern is, so I don't know if it's waay too small or waay too big. I suppose, unless someone has already worked with this one, I'll have to make a muslin and find out!

Does the collar look to you like the collar for the TV 405 1872 Vest Basque? Without instructions, I'm lost, so I need all the help I can get!! If it does, then I can use the instructions from that pattern to help me put on the collar.

I appreciate any tips and tricks!

I plan to make it of black wool (if I can find any at Joann's) and a brainvelvet edge trim, and line it with some quilted satin. This will go over the brocade gown I recently made :)


And thank you for the previous help with the hat question I had!!!
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I put the BBC series The House of Elliot on my queue, and I watched my first installment last night. WOW!! I'm really in love with this series! As it's about two sisters who start a fashion house in the 1920's, I thought it was an appropriate topic for my sewing journal.

Has anyone else seen it and want to share how fun this series is?
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I don't know if you guys have seen this online gallery of costume from the Manchester Art Gallery, but it's new to me! 70 pages of absolutely amazing extant gowns!

Click on picture to see!!

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Someone over at Truly Victorian posted a link to photographs from several fashion shows in Vancouver featuring Victorian and Edwardian gowns and accessories. There are several types of shows from "Women's Clothing of 1907", "Evening Clothes and Styles, 1900-1960", to "Couture Inside Out: The construction Secrets of Haute Couture Fashion, 1900-2000".

One of my favorite set of photos is from "Women's Clothing of 1907" in which, during the fashion show, the model is dressed one piece at a time from chemise to the final parasol right in front of your eyes.

See all the galleries HERE.


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