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I officially haven't sewn a single stitch in a whole week! I needed a break after the purple natural form gown and the 1890's half mourning gown. I wore the purple gown this past Saturday, but photos didn't turn out. The details of the gown are totally lost in the flash. The photos I posted before are better, so I won't bother posting the photos of me in the gown. I also wore the half mourning gown to a mourning art museum two weekends ago and had a great time. Photos posted here and here.

Joann's is having a sale!

Butterick patterns are 2 for $3, so I got B4929 (jackets pattern) and B4732 (evening gown and coat pattern). For the second one, I just wanted the pattern for the evening coat. I picture making it from a net lace fabric. I plan to goth it out with puffed sleeves, too.

Notions wall is 40% off
Linen and linen look fabrics are 40% off

Next I began work on a hat project I've had on the table for 3 years! I've been trying to figure out how to shape my buckram so that it has an hour glass shape. I've asked several milliners over the course of time, and they either won't tell me or they don't know. So, after a conversation with [ profile] labricoleuse last year, I decided to carve my own hat block out of styrofoam. Wow, that was an interesting project!! So I have finished the hat block and will start on the hat this week.
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Here's the finished hat! Now I'm off to Delaware!

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Here's the pattern line drawing, by the way:

What I LOVE about this pattern is that there is no crown or brim to attach so I can get it done quickly! One note: My headsize is 21.5, which was a small, so I cut out the small. WOW. It was huge! I had to cut a few inches off to make it fit, and then I realized I cut like 1/2 inch too much. Opps. So my overlap is scanty. Oh well. It seems to be fine. As long as I treat it gently and store it properly, it will hold up.

So here is my progress so far:

New hat

Jan. 5th, 2009 08:53 pm
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I'm making a new hat. A VERY new hat. The pattern says it's 1910-ish, but I'll have to research and see what it really is.

Butterick B4697 view A

Black dupioni over the buckram and black velvet for the pouf part.

This is for my trip to the Winterthur Mansion in DE on Wednesday for my birthday (well, my bday is Sunday, but I start celebrating early!) with a friend who not only shares my birthday, but a love of costuming as well. I'm going to wear my Sweet Violet pinstripe 1890's suit.
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I'm giving Etsy a try this time

clicky link:

go check out my new mini top hat, or send a friend :)

Thanks, guys!
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So I was bad last night, and instead of catching up on all the reading I'm behind on, I started work on a new mini top hat. Black faux silk with black embroidered scrolls. Very special fabric! :D

When it's done, if it doesn't sell through here, I'm selling it on Etsy. I have no money to buy any Christmas presents, so hopefully someone likes it! It'll have black millinery veiling and possibly a black ostrich feather.
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I'm not sure when this came out, but Lynne McMasters has a new tiny bonnet pattern out and it's FABULOUS. I can't wait to get it! Since one can't link directly to anything on the site, I'll tell you it's under "Patterns" and is called "Late Victorian Small Bonnet Pattern".

I made a fabulous trumpet skirt from Burda 8856. It was supposed to have a lace overlay, but the underskirt color was too dark to showcase the lace, so I made it as a one layer skirt instead.

It fits me exactly! I love it! Thank you [ profile] bauhausfrau for the red fabric!

I saw The Duchess at a matinee today. I was so in love with two of the gowns that I almost couldn't contain my joy. One was the striped gown she wears when she introduces Bess to her daughters. And I forget what the other one was! But there were so many gorgeous frocks. Please oh please, can I have just one of them? The hats were my every dream (especially Bess' hat from the same scene previously mentioned) and I loved all the jewelry. I hope jewelry designers are inspired and similar pieces show up in the stores in the next year.
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I started cutting out the hat of the wire mesh. Messy! Anyway, I realized that I'm going to have to put wire on the edges because the mesh is just a tad floppy. I could double the mesh, but that's more trouble than it's worth. That means tomorrow I'm going to have to go back to Michael's and get brass colored wire in 18-20 gauge thickness and then hand sew it or use the beading wire and wrap it.

I got an idea from a friend about binding the edges of the brim. She suggested using clear hot glue. Great idea! I'll try it on a scrap piece and see how it does.

[edit: I tried it, and though it worked, I couldn't keep an even line. It was a little wobbly and globby. I thought of something else: Metal foil craft tape! I saw some at Michael's today. I'll pop back tomorrow and grab it.

Here's a sketch of what I want to make

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Since I'm in the 1830's mood, I thought I'd share a gallery of hats and head dresses for you!!

Note the style in the top left has the fans worked into the hair. Ah ha!! Put in with combs (or hair sticks if you prefer). I need to make this!!

OK! OK! I'll get back to my stupid petticoat!!

A new hat

Feb. 3rd, 2008 09:58 am
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I realized I forgot to post about my new hat here!

We'll skip right to the pic in which I wore it out last night:

If you want to see a larger pic of it just hanging out, not being worn, CLICK HERE )
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So I came home from school and began working on a new buckram hat form. There I was, nestled on the couch with a variety of cats, hand sewing the crown to the side crown when, lo and behold! the eye of my curved needle broke! At first, I thought I pulled too hard and snapped the thread (which in itself is hard to do because I use button thread), but no, the eye of the needle itself broke! LOL! Not having a spare curved needle sitting around, I had to pop to Michael's and get more.

Asking for advice...

I've decided to perhaps do a rusched detail on the underside of the brim so that when I turn it up, you can see it. However, I'm not sure how to calculate the dimensions of the pattern so that when I pull the threads, it "shrinks" down to the right size and shape. Any tips? This has always confused me!


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