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We are all in a tizzy over the arrival of the highly anticipated "Georgiana" 18th c. shoe by American Duchess Boutique. It's dyable silk! It's gorgeous! It's AFFORDABLE!!

Available for PRE ORDER April 1st

Since I'm writing on the fashions of the very influential Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire for my senior undergraduate capstone, I really like the choice of names.
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We did a bit of shopping at Convergence on the QM! Jason got a ton of stuff for once, and I found some cool things, too...

among my favorites:

I've always wanted a small notepad chatelaine, and they had them at Holzer and Combe Haberdashery!

click here to see more )
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They are beautifully packaged in this girly box reminiscent of French boutiques! Each boot was encased in a separate boot bag to protect the velvet. Nice presentation!

Click here to open the box and see the boots )
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Once a year, Renninger's Antique show comes to the King of Prussia Convention Center, and it's the highlight of my Winter season. I just got home, and am pretty disappointed with what I saw. Almost no clothing, and only two of the pieces I saw were earlier than 1920, one parasol with broken ribs, and one Victorian bonnet of unremarkable appearance.

I was hoping to find chatelaine items like glasses cases, dance cards/memo pads/aide memoires, books like Peterson's or Godey's bound volumes or single issues, parasols, antique laces, antique or even vintage gloves, hats, etc. Aside from a few gloves and hats I wasn't interested in, none of these items were to be seen (ok, well, one volume of Peterson's, but it was that awkward 1869 transition year).

Anyway, I did come home with one thing. A pretty lace cape!

I'm thinking this might be 1890's. Thoughts?

However, there was tons of pretty to look at that was beyond my price range like 18th century portrait pins, mourning jewelry, hair jewelry, furniture, etc at the nearly 300 booths. Definitely worth the $6 entry fee!!
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Joann's is running a 3 day mega sale starting today. Red tag and home decor fabrics 50% off, La Mode buttons 40% off, pink and green label trim 50% off, Fiskars products 50% off, Simplicity patterns 5 for $5 (I think it was?), Gutterman thread 50% off, and lots more.

I ended up getting lots of braid and lace, burgundy taffeta with a black velvet rose pattern, a Fiskars rotary cutter and mat (yay for cutting bias tape and skirts), thread and pre-packaged cotton bias tape. AND I had a coupon that took an additional 10% off my total purchase, including sale items!

*Does happy dance*
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I want a motor duster. I have no conceivable reason to have one as yet, but I want one. I just figured out that to make one would cost around $70+ if you figure in pattern, fabric, shipping for pattern and fabric, interfacing and buttons.

OR I could buy one that I think is really pretty

I'm torn because it's a lot of money to spend on something A) not black (yeah, I could dye it, but I wouldn't), and B) out of my usual bustle era. Then I'd need to start making Edwardain clothing.

So of course this makes me want to make Edwardian clothing!! I want to make the 1909 Suit from the dreaded Rocking Horse Farm. Sadly, there is very little out there for true Edwardian, I think. You'd think it would be easier to make/more popular because it didn't involve complicated undergarments (hoops and bustles).

In other news, my books from the Temple Library came. Wow. The Cut of Women's Clothes by Norah Waugh is a MUST HAVE. Yeah, it's $80.00, but I'm gonna half to fork it over.
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Ebay was kind to me yesterday! Through the generosity of the Belle Alley, I was alerted to the Ebay sale of these shoes. As they were a buy it now, I scooped them up!!

I'm very excited because they resemble Rose's "jump dress" shoes from the movie Titanic, as can be seen in the following link:


Dec. 5th, 2008 09:20 pm
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I had a little stash of money, and with it, I bought a lavender silk fringed scarf/wrap from Urban Outfitters for $34.00. This baby comes in black, ivory, or lavender (though the website says black or grey only, which is odd). You're surprised I didn't get black? So am I! But I'll tell you why: It's for Regency gowns. I figured the lavender could be worn with white, black, or any color I'd be likely to choose.

They also have a variety of cute cocktail hats with millinery veiling and cocktail feathered hair clips with veiling. There was a blue wool I almost bought because it's so fab, but I'd never wear blue, so I didn't go for it. The leopard print one was close just for kicks, but I don't wear leopard print these days.

And the black satin evening tap pants? Freaking adorable.

This black wool cape/vest with steamy brass buttons and optional spaghetti strap wool dress is so to die for!! I hope Santa brings the cape/vest for me for Christmas!

And how about this reproduction 1920's antique camera? Too expensive, but so fabulous!

Anyway, they had so much stuff in the store that made me drool. Sad to come away with just a wrap, but that ole money tree still isn't growing.
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I popped over to forever 21 today, and they had the prettiest pearl and rhinestone bracelets! They are threaded onto stretchy thread, so the pretty part won't partake of gravity and hide under your wrist.

Oooh, a clickly link!

And another close up image HERE )

See how you could conceivably take the pearls off, restring it, and turn it into a choker? or buy two and make shoe buckles?

I'm getting into the Victorian trend of wearing two bracelets now that I have two of these. It looks nice, if not a leeetle opulent. But when did I ever complain of opulence??
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To celebrate my last official class of the Fall 2007 semester, I went fabric shopping at JoAnn's. The cotton velveteen was 50% off (which is rare), so I got 6 yards of that (black, duh). I also got 5 more yards of the pretty, pretty black satin taffeta. So now I see a new Victorian gown made of black satin taffeta and black cotton velveteen.


I asked the ladies at JoAnn's about my quest for a serger, and they all told me to go for the White Speedylock. Go figure...they don't even sell that!

I think I'm good on fabric for the moment, and should begin concentrating on bulking up on trim. I have, like, none. I'm envisioning pretty venise lace, beaded trim (not the fringe kind), boxpleated ribbon, ruffled lace and more. Can I have a million dollars?


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