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My my! I have woefully neglected this journal! My apologies to those still following! I wrote my senior thesis (for my undergraduate History degree) during the Spring semester and it sucked up all my time. But it's done (I got an A!) and now I can share what I've been up to.

I made two new outfits for the Steampunk World's Fair.

"May Welland Visiting Dress" This was inspired by a dress May wears in The Age of Innocence a few times. You know I love me some stripes! This dress has no actual steampunk attributes other than being Victorian, but that's good enough for me!

I also made a day dress out of this cool red satin fabric embossed with a crocodile pattern and a red poly taffeta. I call it "The Croc Dress" it's alternate name is "The Sporting Dress" because I wore it to represent the imaginary head of the SPWF Croquet Team. I made the croquet harness, too.

The rest of the photos can be found here:

Then came time for the 6th annual Victorian party. Wow, I can't believe I've been doing this for 6 years!

I made a dress out of my famous white on white stripe cotton voile. Yup, that fabric I got years ago at Joann's that I used to make my Chemise a la Reine, my Regency chemise, and the Regency day dress I started like 2 years ago (and only needs a hem to be finished...I should be ashamed!).

And the rest of the photos can be found here:

Next up: 18th c. polonaise for Bastille Day in Philadelphia
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Hello! I have returned from the fair and am ready to share my outfits.

Friday is here )

Saturday is here )

Sunday is here )

We had a wonderful time and look forward to next year!

Here are all my photos!

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I've been super busy with many things. School, friends, and prepping for the Steampunk World's Fair. School is going well. One more exam this coming Tuesday and I'm finished!

A few weeks ago I attended [ profile] bauhausfrau's going away 18th c tea party. There seemed to be more champagne than tea, but it was an unforgettable weekend.

Here's my set of photos (with several taken from the flickr accounts of other attendees!)

Bauhausfrau also got a short video of the moment I invented "jampagne". See, we'd run out of pink champagne, and someone had brought delicious home made strawberry jam. I looked at my glass of champagne and looked at the jam and an idea was born! And yes, it was delicious! Someone else did come up with the name "jampagne", though. Who was it that named the new cocktail?

Since then I've been writing papers, studying, and doing a little sewing.

Here is the fabric layout for the bustle walking dress I'm making for the steampunk world's fair

So if you're going and you see a dress in this combination of fabrics, it's me!

Speaking of which, I have to get back to working on it. It's almost done!
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For summertime, I made a knee length steampunk bustle skirt. It's also great to show off boots that normally are hidden by my dresses. Jacket is from the new "Cirque 21" line at Forever21.

I even made a new bustle for it because my current one has an ankle length built-in petticoat that this skirt is too short for. See Laughing Moon hoops and bustles pattern, view E.
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I made a cute and very simple necklace:

And I have a summer steampunk Victorian gown brewing:

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Once again, I want to thank you guys for your input. Half the fun is deciding on details, and sharing ideas!

Here is the finished outfit that I wore last night. Pretty much what you saw before for Saloncon, but I added the birds, the cane (I made that two summers ago. I had trouble getting the pieces to stay on, so two different friends offered to fix it. One kept it for a year, the other for a few months, but it's finally done), and various "birdwatching medals". Steampunk birdwatcher!

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Yesterday I was at Joann's getting supplies for my 18th c. riding jacket. I ended up getting the New Look 6756 cape pattern. I figure it will be good to make a faux skin (I was thinking snakeskin) cape for my steampunk outfit. I like the sort of military feel about this one.

Of course, my Joann's is sold out of the black snakeskin and black shiny pvc. Darn it! 60% off right now, too. I might pop over to the big Joann's and check there.

Progress with the 18th c. riding habit jacket: lining and FF are together at CF, but I find that it's still too big in the waist and too small at the neckline. It was too small at the neckline in the medium, too, so I'm not sure how to handle it. Cut the neckline bigger so my top button can button? [ profile] bauhausfrau, did you have this problem?
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And oh how I love them!! They are so cool and look great with the other aspects of the costume!

I think I'll work on the other leg gaiter today.
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I might decorate it with soutache, but here it is all sewn together. I had to do an awful lot of adjustments to it for it to fit my leg properly. This pattern requires patience and many mockups.

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I started cutting out the hat of the wire mesh. Messy! Anyway, I realized that I'm going to have to put wire on the edges because the mesh is just a tad floppy. I could double the mesh, but that's more trouble than it's worth. That means tomorrow I'm going to have to go back to Michael's and get brass colored wire in 18-20 gauge thickness and then hand sew it or use the beading wire and wrap it.

I got an idea from a friend about binding the edges of the brim. She suggested using clear hot glue. Great idea! I'll try it on a scrap piece and see how it does.

[edit: I tried it, and though it worked, I couldn't keep an even line. It was a little wobbly and globby. I thought of something else: Metal foil craft tape! I saw some at Michael's today. I'll pop back tomorrow and grab it.

Here's a sketch of what I want to make

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Attention Steamppunk fans! The 2nd Annual Time Traveler's Picnic is to be Saturday, August 2nd at the NY Renaissance Faire!

Info here:

Who's going?


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