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2011-01-15 06:30 pm

Croc dress progress

Some time in the middle of last week I finished most of the skirt. Still need to line the bottom of the tabs and buy red fringe. (Joann's got red bias tape back in stock. yay!)

Today I decided on a design for the bodice and cut the pieces out. That's about it for today since I have to get ready to go out to dinner soon.


In other sewing news, I got sick of the Croc dress and decided to work on a few other things. I made a natural form era over skirt for sale so I could buy trims and such, and sold it to a friend. I also started work on that Period Impressions 1809 spencer pattern. Making it out of a really pretty midnight blue velvet. My measurements were closest to the 28" waist size run, so I cut that one out. Opps. Way, way too big. Does Period Impressions include too much ease like Butterick does?? Since it wasn't a "Big 3" pattern, I assumed it would finish in the measurements stated, but it was much bigger. So I had to take the whole thing apart. Need to trim each piece to a more reasonable size and try again. But I'll get back to that another time.

Can't believe school starts up again in a week. My Winter Break was much too short!
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2011-01-03 10:02 am
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Red Croc

I finished the 40" long pleated front piece last week. Took two evenings and a morning. Again, I did it by hand using pins and a ruler, so it took longer. Then I pinned everything onto the mannequin to see how it was looking and I was happy, but still not sure how to proceed. After considering, I've decided to make a separate underskirt and then put the second layer over that, but all on one waistband.

I still need red piping and have come to the conclusion, after trying to dye some white cotton piping unsuccessfully, that I need to make it. You all knew that, I know. Just took me a week to come to the same conclusion. I think I'll pull the cording out of the white cotton piping and get started.
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2010-12-21 09:33 am

Hello!! Long time, no post, eh?

I've missed talking to you guys about sewing projects! My semester became so overwhelming that I couldn't sew a thing after October.

But now I'm BACK!! Yay!

I have a few projects I hope to complete over Winter Break.

I'm making a version of this Pingat dress from the Kyoto book:

But I'm using some crazy fabric I found at Jomar: red satin embossed with a crocodile pattern. I'm using that where ever you see the floral fabric on the Pingat dress. Then I have a faux silk dupioni in a matching red for the rest of the dress. I'm still looking for a good red fringe. I plan to skip the plaid bow at the neckline ;)

The color is a bit off here, but you get the idea.

Another thing I think I'm going to tackle first is a black velvet ballgown bodice for a late 1880s style gown. Sort of like the bodice on the left (but in black).

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2010-08-10 09:52 am
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Art After 5 in a Victorian dress

I was invited to attend a local museum exhibit as "atmosphere" in a Victorian dress. It was so much fun! I wore my new Lost Souls dress (so named because it's all black and sucks up all the light and is hard to photograph).

Here are a few photos taken by Steven Rosen Photography (all rights reserved!!!)

a few more here )
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2009-11-17 08:21 am

1884 Reception gown

Not much time for sewing since we moved and I miss you guys!! However, I did mostly finish the bodice to the 1884 reception gown (if you forget, it's here:

It still needs sleeve cuff trim and some lace at the bust, but it's generally done. I wore it to Linsey and Duncan's wedding a week and a half ago.

No plans to make anything until the semester is over next month, so I'll have to live vicariously through you ladies!
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2009-09-26 01:59 pm

update on reception gown

Following the look of the fashion plate, I added a net draped front panel and 8" wide double-scallop edged lace to the front panel side seams.

side view here! )
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2009-09-22 08:25 am

New 1884 reception dress

So you'd think that a person in the middle of Fall semester, who is moving in less than 3 weeks should NOT be taking on a new project. I took a week off of sewing and I was just itching to make something, and of course it's better to use some Stash before I move, right??

So I looked through the Stash and saw I still had a bunch of that black velvet flocked rose print taffeta, and a bit of black/red shot taffeta. Then I pulled this out of my "do to one day" files:

From Harper's Bazar in 1884, it is listed as a "toilette for dinners, receptions, weddings, or any full-dress occasion where a high-necked dress may be worn". I plan to make it with 3/4 sleeves, which I have discovered was commonly done for evening dress with a high neck.

The bit of red taffeta will be the skirt center front panel, sleeve cuffs, and ? I haven't decided which TV bodice pattern I'm using yet.

Started cutting last night, but didn't get far before the season premier of Heroes came on, and sewing had to stop (Jason sometimes complains if I sew through our tv shows :)

I made one mistake already...I forgot to cut the front panel longer so it could drape like in the fashion plate, so it will have to do. I'm thinking of doing some bows up the skirt front anyway.
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2009-01-02 08:43 am

Thank you!

Wow, thank you all so much! I loved wearing the pvc bustle gown and am so happy that I finally got around to making it after all these years.

The most popular question is: Was the pvc hard to sew?
Answer: Not at all! The underside is fabric-backed, so when you sew right sides together, it's like using any other fabric. It's not really thick or stiff. I'd say the feel is like a slightly thicker satin taffeta to handle.

When it was time to sew on the trim, I took someone's idea and snapped a Teflon foot onto the machine (gotten at my local sewing shop for a few dollars).

Other popular question: What patterns did you use?
Answer: All Truly Victorian! I used TV 416 ballgown bodice (sleeves left off), TV 305 bustle overskirt, and TV 261 underskirt.
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2009-01-01 06:23 pm
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PVC bustle gown photos

I had so much fun wearing this gown last night! Lots of compliments and it made me feel so good!

click here for more pics )
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2008-12-29 09:47 am

PVC gown progress photos

Cyberduck is down at the moment, so I apologize that I had to upload the photos to Flickr to share the progress of my 1885 pvc bustle gown. So here is the nearly finished bodice, and un-hemmed and un-trimmed underskirt (sans overskirt for now).

So to view photos of the gown-in-progress, click the link below!
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2008-12-28 10:56 pm

PVC bustle gown

Today after brunch with friends and a much needed nap, I began work on the pvc bodice again. I finished hand sewing the bias binding, put in the button holes and sewed on the buttons. Aside from turning under the armscye, it's finished!

Tomorrow I'll work on finishing up the underskirt. When last we saw that, I had sewn the pieces together. I still need to put on the waistband, hem it, make the ruffle and attach it. If I get all that done tomorrow, I can start on the overskirt, which is already cut out.

It's been nice working on the bodice while watching The Forsyte Saga. So many great bustle gowns to keep me inspired.

Weather report has changed for DC for Jan 3rd for anyone considering going on the Winter Stroll and visiting the museums. Sunny and 46 degrees ~NO rain! Not bad!
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2008-11-08 09:49 am
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extant bustle jacket with silk lining

Since we talked about linings for bustle jackets, when I came across this one on Ebay, I wanted to share. Isn't it pretty!? Imagine how lovely before wear and time took it's toll...|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318

In addition, here is an extant dolman and jacket with silk linings I saved pics of at some point from Ebay or something

I wrote to Heather and asked her about the cotton lining for her new bustle coat pattern. Since she made the pattern, she'll be able to explain her choice. I'll share her wisdom when she responds! It's always good to learn :D

Wow, Heather is up early this morning! Here's what she said:

"I pretty much line everything with cotton by default. I find the slippery stuff so miserable to work with, that it just isn't worth it. Also, I don't know that there is any prequilted slinky fabrics available. I made one coat with a broadcloth lining, and a cotton quilt batting that is like a felt blanket. Then I made the second coat with the prequilted stuff, and it was so much easier to make.

You can of course, you any lining fabric that you like. Or if you are worried about the sleeve and keeping costs down, maybe only line the sleeves with silk."

I like the idea of doing just the sleeves in a slinky fabric. I think that will work for me! I know that girl who used to run Creations L'Escarpolette made a bustle coat with a pre-quilted satin lining, and it was amazing. I still have the drool-worthy photos. I wonder where she got it?
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2008-04-16 09:18 pm

another pic of the striped overskirt

But this time, it's got a waistband and a ruffle!! Whoo hoo!

Ick...the petticoat is NOT all shiny like that in real life. Flash makes it look like that!
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2008-04-16 09:13 am

overskirt progress

I've got the front sewn to the back at the right side and the front hem done. Need to do the left side placket, back gathering/waistband, back poufs, back hem, closure buttons and button holes, and ruffles.

Here are the progress photos with the skirt pinned to the mannequin


I have the petticoat train clipped up so the cats don't ruin it. They already put a big ole hole in it about 6 inches above the top ruffle when they went tearing across it at mach 9.
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2007-08-24 12:10 pm

pics of the bodice

God, I can't decide on trim for the bodice!! Everything I choose seems 'too much'. I want this to be able to go with other things, so don't want to trim it to go specifically with anything. So ruffles are wrong, lace is wrong...I even tried the bead strings to drape over my shoulders from the straps. The only thing that seemed ok was some black satin ribbon bows at the top of the shoulder strap. That seemed to be a consistent trim chice for ball gown bodices, and a plain satin ribbon is safe.

I can always use brooches and necklaces to jazz it up. I could also use temporary trim like a lace sash going from one shoulder to the opposite waistline and end in a bow or flower.

The pictures really don't do this gown justice. I had the same problem with my silver and black stripe 1870's bustle gown. I tried to lighten the pics to get detail.