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Well, my dad ended up visiting unexpectedly and stayed all day. After he left a got a little work done, but not as much as I had hoped. So today by 3pm I must...

make and apply a waistband
put in buttons and buttonholes
make and apply ruffle trim
put in bustle ties and tack up poufs

Fix buttons on Jason's "Evil Coat"

Photos later, I hope!
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Cyberduck is down at the moment, so I apologize that I had to upload the photos to Flickr to share the progress of my 1885 pvc bustle gown. So here is the nearly finished bodice, and un-hemmed and un-trimmed underskirt (sans overskirt for now).

So to view photos of the gown-in-progress, click the link below!
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Today after brunch with friends and a much needed nap, I began work on the pvc bodice again. I finished hand sewing the bias binding, put in the button holes and sewed on the buttons. Aside from turning under the armscye, it's finished!

Tomorrow I'll work on finishing up the underskirt. When last we saw that, I had sewn the pieces together. I still need to put on the waistband, hem it, make the ruffle and attach it. If I get all that done tomorrow, I can start on the overskirt, which is already cut out.

It's been nice working on the bodice while watching The Forsyte Saga. So many great bustle gowns to keep me inspired.

Weather report has changed for DC for Jan 3rd for anyone considering going on the Winter Stroll and visiting the museums. Sunny and 46 degrees ~NO rain! Not bad!
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My semester ended last monday and I had a day or so of relaxing/errands before I started up on the pvc bustle gown again last wednesday. Got the bodice all cut out and sewn together. Then it was off to Vermont for family obligations. When we got back, my cold had relapsed and I needed a few days to recover, then suddenly it was Christmas.

But today I got a little more work done while Jason watched man movies. I cut and applied boning to the seams of the bodice. That is such a hated chore, so I'm glad it's done. Then I began pinning the bias tape to the bodice edges since I'm not giving it a lining. That seems to be all for today. Now Jason is bored and wants to get out of the house. I plan to finish the bodice tomorrow!
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Why am I awake after only 4 hours of sleep? My brain will not shut off and I'm bored.

Early list of 2008 sewing projects

black and red striped 1885 "Dracula" bodice
3 piece black and pink brocade 1885 bustle gown

Black velvet bustle coat
Black "brain" velvet bonnet

2 piece 1890's black taffeta evening gown

Laughing Moon trained steel hooped bustle
White taffeta 1875 petticoat
Black and white striped bustled overskirt
Black and white striped 1875 underskirt

1875 garden hat
Black and white striped 1875 bodice (with help from Kambriel and Curse)
Black 18th century stays

Black and white stripe with pink Victorian Bathing Suit (with help from Kambriel)
Regency chemise
18th century cotton petticoat
small bum pad
Red bengaline "Olenska" tail bodice

18th century Chemise gown
covered and decorated straw hat for 18th c chemise gown
1830's corded cotton petticoat
steampunk brash mesh top hat

Victorian spats
1890's bicycle bloomers
3 piece 1880ish black benagline and velvet evening gown
black velvet mini top hat
1830's purple taffeta evening gown
white silk mini top hat for friend
red metallic mini top hat - commission

Finish up details on 1830's gown like belt and back closure

Red 18th century riding jacket

Black mini top hat for sale on Etsy (sold - yay!)
Black with white venise lace reticule
Black pvc 1885 bustle gown started - underskirt mostly finished

December (so far):
overskirt and bodice fashion fabric of pvc gown cut out

December to do list:
finish pvc bustle gown for NYE
hopefully make another bustle coat from new TV pattern! Need fabric -yikes
fur muff for Winter Stroll Jan 3rd
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I'm giving Etsy a try this time

clicky link:

go check out my new mini top hat, or send a friend :)

Thanks, guys!
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I got the buttons and button holes done. I admit, some of the button holes look as though I'd had a few drinks! I think my machine needs a tune up. I'll take it in Monday. Still need to do the decor on the cuffs, and it's done. Here's a preview shot

It kind of fits. The waist is still too big, the area right above my breasts is a smidge too small, but the jacket does button. I'm just not sure how comfortable it'll be. We'll see. Maybe I'll take [ profile] bauhausfrau's advice and wear my 18th C. corset underneath (if it'll fit under there), so if the jacket feels too hot or too annoying, I can take it off. !!!

Now, since it's Halloween, I feel like I'm allowed to make it look a bit slutty. I was thinking of just wearing a short poufy skirt over my panniers with the jacket. The Dracula's Ball is crowded, so not many people see what you have on below your waist anyway. Should I do that or wear the original long black 18th C. skirt? And if I do that, should I wear colored tights with my black velvet platform shoes? Change the shoe laces to red satin?

Tonight I am attending two parties. I will wear my Steampunk Birdwatching ensemble, for which I got those birds from Michael's yesterday. I think I'll pop one on top of my hat and put another on the cane (yes, I got my steampunk cane back from Jason's friend, who was sprucing it up).

Now, which bird arrangement do you like for his outfit? #1 has 2 raven and one gaudy bird of paradise. The other is just the raven alone. Vote for your favorite!


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A photographer at the convention got a great shot of the gown. YAY!! I was really hoping someone had gotten a full-length shot!

A good bodice detail shot here )
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I had such a great time with [ profile] bauhausfrau and [ profile] padawansguide at SalonCon this weekend! We had connecting rooms, which made hanging out so much easier, too.

Where to start? Friday night was the Steampunk meetup, and wow, did everyone bring out their best! I was very impressed and we had a great time chatting with new and old friends. As we were plum tuckered out from the drive up, we made it an early night and went to bed by 11:30pm.

We attended the "Underwear Breakfast" Saturday morning at the hotel restaurant. Not a ton of people participated, but a few did, it was fun! Especially since there was a soccer convention at the hotel. Tons of young men wondering why there are ladies about in corsets and petticoats!

After breakfast, I changed into my Tissot striped bustle gown while L and M changed into 1830's gowns. Headed down for registration and the early Salons. After oogling costumes and participating in mutual admiration and photographs, I attended the ballroom dance salon. We learned the gothic dance and the traditional waltz. As I was a single lady (J stayed home from this convention), I was paired up with a single gentleman also wishing to dance. I was nervous at first, but soon it was clear he knew what he was doing and helped me along! It was so much fun! After that I attended Loren's Hats and Shoes salon, where we learned how to mod hats and shoes as well as tips on creating them from scratch. Oh, I almost forgot! L and I attended the "Period Details" salon, to which the speaker never appeared. L and I ended up hosting it and did our best to answer questions about Victorian clothing period details.

Then it was time to change for the Cream Tea into my 1830's gown and hair.

Oh my...this gown and hairstyle was SO much fun! At first, I forgot one of my hair decorations, and L reminded me to go get the fan that was supposed to be incorporated into the sculpture on my head. Some photos have the fan and some don't, so keep an eye out for it. I had a blast with this hair and can't wait to do it again! After Tea, I attended the Steampunk Primer salon hosted by [ profile] squirrelmadness and [ profile] jaborwhalky. I learned much about the beginnings of steampunk, and how it got to where it is today. A very fun and informative salon!

We had a rest, champagne back at the room, and changed for the Chrono'Nauts Parade (steampunk costume contest). So many people showed up to both participate or watch, and I think it was the hit of the day! Everyone really went all out and hammed it up. People performed hilarious skits, and there was much silliness going on. L made a mini top hat from scratch that had a working clock built into the hat tip. It was such a show stopper and she looked great! Somehow, I got chosen for the top 3 and then went on to win the Single Female (not in group) category! I won a lot of really cool prizes like books, DVD's, an art print, Lip Service products, BPAL, and a Pretty Pretty Princess makeup kit. I was so honored and thrilled! My new friend Stu won the Single Men's category with his Steampunk German doctor costume and skit. Yay, Stu!

After that, we perused the vendor's room where I got a pocket compass that looks like a pocket watch when closed. L and M came away with hats, shawls, and other lovely goodies.

A break for dinner and to change into our ballgowns, and we headed down for Abney Park and the "dancing hour" afterwards. Unfortunately, Abney Park went on so late that the DJ section of the evening was canceled. We ended up sitting around waiting for the show to start, which made us all realize how exhausted we were, and we lost steam. When the Abney Park show was over at 1:55pm, we headed up to bed, pleased with a great day of costuming and friends!

Now that you've been so good as to read all about my weekend, I will reward you with pictures!


I'm sure [ profile] bauhausfrau and [ profile] padawansguide will post lots of pics, too, and you can see more over at [ profile] salonconvention as people put them up.
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I might decorate it with soutache, but here it is all sewn together. I had to do an awful lot of adjustments to it for it to fit my leg properly. This pattern requires patience and many mockups.

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Not only do I have 1830's on the brain, but now I'm cheating on my Chemise a la Reine with a Victorian ballgown bodice I need to have done in time to see Peter Murphy on Sunday night. I'm doing my own version of Michelle Pfeiffer's red ballgown from The Age of Innocence.

You may remember I bought 7 yards of red bengaline, and this was the project I had in mind for it. Now is the time to do it! I plan to make the center front panels in black and use black trim so I can wear this with a black underskirt. Yum.

I did pop to Michael's Arts and Crafts where I got my straw hat to wear with the Chemise a la Reine, so I didn't abandon the project totally today ;) Also, the bridal section has rhinestone slide buckles - perfect for hats - for $5/each in square, oval, or heart shapes. I picked up one square and one oval.

*off to cut out my fabric*
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Here are Forrest's photos from the Victorian Party. Enjoy!

Click on picture to go to photo gallery generously provided by Forrest!

(Thank you, Forrest!)

Here you can see my Buccaneers gown finished. I am wearing the LM trained hoop underneath. It was 90 degrees that day, so we were all suffering in the heat, yet having fun!
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I continued work on my LM trained hoop bustle. It needed a front panel over the calves/knees to keep the skirts from falling into the open front and looking weird. I made a panel and covered it with 4 rows of white cotton ruffles. Should work :)

Then I actually got a little bit of work done on the VBS. Finished serging all the edges, put in the darts (yeah yeah, it's Butterick), made and applied the neck facing, sewed front to back, and started on the sleeves. I'd love to actually get it finished today.


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