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This is a gown that's been on my "to do" list for forever, but I never had enough black taffeta sitting around at one time to do it. The other day I got 16 yards of a good crisp medium weight black taffeta for $1/yd at Jomar. I knew it was time!!

I am using the TV 208 view A, and it has an option for a pocket in the side seam. I decided it would be awesome to have a pocket, so since the TV pocket instructions were scanty, I looked it up. Here was a great set of instructions for a visual learner such as myself. Dude, I did it!! I made a pocket! I feel like some grade school kid who just learned how to tell time or something lol!

In other news, I seem to have temporarily abandoned the black velvet coat bodice because I dread putting button holes through all that velvet O_O

OMG, I just realized I never shared the "finished" photos of the ballgown I recently made

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So you'd think that a person in the middle of Fall semester, who is moving in less than 3 weeks should NOT be taking on a new project. I took a week off of sewing and I was just itching to make something, and of course it's better to use some Stash before I move, right??

So I looked through the Stash and saw I still had a bunch of that black velvet flocked rose print taffeta, and a bit of black/red shot taffeta. Then I pulled this out of my "do to one day" files:

From Harper's Bazar in 1884, it is listed as a "toilette for dinners, receptions, weddings, or any full-dress occasion where a high-necked dress may be worn". I plan to make it with 3/4 sleeves, which I have discovered was commonly done for evening dress with a high neck.

The bit of red taffeta will be the skirt center front panel, sleeve cuffs, and ? I haven't decided which TV bodice pattern I'm using yet.

Started cutting last night, but didn't get far before the season premier of Heroes came on, and sewing had to stop (Jason sometimes complains if I sew through our tv shows :)

I made one mistake already...I forgot to cut the front panel longer so it could drape like in the fashion plate, so it will have to do. I'm thinking of doing some bows up the skirt front anyway.
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This is for [ profile] my_stitching, who has black fabric and trim she wants to use...

More black gowns under here )
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Laaaaaaaaa!! This is it. The perfect project for the lady who can't decide whether to make an 18th century outfit or a Victorian outfit. The best of both worlds! I'm sorry, I don't know what publication these originally came from, but I got them off the Alley today.

And another one here )


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