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I know a lot of people haven't seen this movie yet, so my Sunday afternoon gown was lost on them. It was based on a gown that "Lizzie" wears upon her arrival in England in the movie based on the Edith Wharton book "The Buccaneers". Here's a screen shot I took

and here's my version (in the time I couldn't find striped sheer) and matching hat

and another shot with the train down from this past weekend (thank you isabelladeangelo for the photo!)
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Feel free to take pictures for your own private use
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I can't believe it's here already! Whoo hoo! I'll see you all tomorrow! I can't wait to meet so many of you for the first time and to oggle dresses and talk costuming!
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Whew! Man I have a lot to do! I just started on the bodice of the Period Impressions polonaise and I find I'm not in love with it so far. Thank god [ profile] bauhausfrau already warned me that it is short waisted. Wondering if I should have stuck to that Butterick pattern I already made up a few years ago after all as I think the back pieces are shaped better (3640). Well, we'll see. Don't expect the best fitting bodice! Makes me feel bad because this is silk taffeta and I can't usually afford such nice material.

I hope I get a chance to make some trim. School keeps getting in the way of my sewing! I also have to trim the lovely hat I got from [ profile] bauhausfrau last summer, but that part will be fun.

I haven't yet worn my black 18th c stays AS stays, and I'm wondering 1)how black stays will look under large 1" repeating cream and silver stripes, 2) how it will change the fit of the bodice, and 3) will they actually be comfortable under a bodice when I can't access them to tug them about. Please don't let it be hot on April 30th!!

Is it awful to have black shoes with a silver and cream gown? It's all I have at the moment as most of my wardrobe is rather dark. I could make little shoe clip cockades of the dress material.

Oh and I WISH I'd had enough time to make a matching parasol! I have a black silk with a black handle, a white with black lace overlay with a blonde wooden handle, or a white sutler parasol I trimmed with venise lace and ruched white netting a few years ago. Which one do you think I should bring?
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LL and I had a FABULOUS time today!!! The weather really held out so we could promenade all over the Museum area. First we met in the Azalea garden for greetings, photos, and a picnic. Jason and I were up too late last night at a nightclub and failed to bring any picnic stuff, but that turned out to be ok because everyone else brought soo much food! We oohed and ahhed all over each other. LL's dress was so amazing and looked so fantastic!! And her parasol was a dream!

Then we walked over to the museum exhibit and saw the most delicious French gowns. I saw my favorite blue and white 1874 striped gown as well as a purple silk and velvet outdoor costume that was so gorgeous. They let us take pictures, but no flash was allowed. There was a constant loop of nineteen-teens fashion show films and fashion plate stills on the walls (3 separate ones), and so the room was a wee on the dark side, so I fear my photos won't show much detail on the darker gowns.

The building that houses the textiles is very old and beautiful. The old fashioned elevator still has the turn crank and tiny wooden stool for the elevator operator!

LL was adopted by one of the gangs 7 year old daughter (now who is surprised by that??). So cute! LL couldn't leave until she'd instilled in the little lady a penchant for dressing up.

Unfortunately, LL had to leave us to go back to her family, and I was so sad to say goodbye as she really made my day by playing dress up with me.

From there we took an old fashioned trolley, run by the museum, back to the main building. It had old fashioned wood and iron benches for seats. Too fun! After perusing the museum bookstore and grabbing sodas, we went outside to say goodbye and a few last minute photos when we realized we'd never taken a group picture when everyone was together! Opps. So we got a shot of those of us left.

Then Jason and I went to dinner in the city - such a treat!

And here are the rest of the photos:
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Here's my interpretation of those "frock coat" Victorian gowns I posted a few weeks ago.

The faux vest and frock coat are modified from the TV 1882 Tea gown pattern. Skirt is a modified version of the 1878 tie back skirt. Material is all cotton.

see more here )
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Here it is! It's made from a black poly taffeta with velvet roses, lined in cotton. I will use this to wear with corsets when I got out clubbing, or sleeveless party dresses for evening events.

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Once a year, Renninger's Antique show comes to the King of Prussia Convention Center, and it's the highlight of my Winter season. I just got home, and am pretty disappointed with what I saw. Almost no clothing, and only two of the pieces I saw were earlier than 1920, one parasol with broken ribs, and one Victorian bonnet of unremarkable appearance.

I was hoping to find chatelaine items like glasses cases, dance cards/memo pads/aide memoires, books like Peterson's or Godey's bound volumes or single issues, parasols, antique laces, antique or even vintage gloves, hats, etc. Aside from a few gloves and hats I wasn't interested in, none of these items were to be seen (ok, well, one volume of Peterson's, but it was that awkward 1869 transition year).

Anyway, I did come home with one thing. A pretty lace cape!

I'm thinking this might be 1890's. Thoughts?

However, there was tons of pretty to look at that was beyond my price range like 18th century portrait pins, mourning jewelry, hair jewelry, furniture, etc at the nearly 300 booths. Definitely worth the $6 entry fee!!
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Thank you guys for the compliments on my latest project. I uploaded new images without railing shadows, so you can see the gown better now. Go check it out if you are bored!

Chloeandrudy, yes, those are self fabric bows :)

Bauhausfrau, hrm, I think I can make it to Costume Con this year (I just need to find someone to room with/crash on floor as I think the hotel is booked), and I was going to bring my black pvc, but I can bring this, too!
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Whew! I can't believe this project is finally done. Tough to photograph this fabric, so I took it out on the balcony. The shadows from the railing kind of got in the way, but the color is accurate on my screen. Made of a purple/black shot poly taffeta, black lace, and black braid.

click here to see more views of this gown )
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Whoo hoo!! The bertha is done!!

*wipes the sweat from my brow*

The gown is basically done and I just need to do fiddly stuff to have it 100%. Photos of the whole gown soon. To be worn to a ball in March!
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Today I accomplished buttons and buttonholes. The buttonholes are an embarrassing lot, but no one ever seems to notice them, so yay! Next I need to work on the bertha.
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I did finish the boning and begin pinning the bias tape to the bodice (for facing) Thursday night. Yesterday, I finished applying and hand sewing the bias tape. Annoyingly, I woke up at 7am and couldn't go back to sleep this morning, so I decided to do "quiet" sewing so I wouldn't wake the husband. I made 12 covered buttons and pinned the braid trim to the apron front and petal layer. Went through all 6 yards, so I'll need to buy more to use on the bodice. That's all for this morning!
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I loved the 2001 mini series "Victoria and Albert". I have always loved to gaze upon the Butterick pattern for Victoria's coronation gown, but at the time of it's release, I didn't imagine a use for it. Now I do. BUT, according to the Great Pattern Review, the pattern is terrible (sleeves are a pain or something). With the upcoming release of Young Victoria, I decided I didn't care and was going to pick it up anyway. It's never available in my size on Ebay, and today, there it was as a cheap Buy It Now. See, I just know that once the movie is released, this OOP pattern will suddenly become expensive. So anyway, there you go. I bought it, and I am pleased.

In other actual sewing news, I did do a wee bit of work on the purple NF gown on Thursday. I finished the drawstring casings for the back poufs, tacked up the pleats, pinned in tapes to keep the poufs in place (I don't tack so I can take them out and wash/iron) and made the big bows. I do love an ass bow, and this gown has three! So now I need to put in the closure and start on the bodice.

Here's a poorly lit shot of the back. It needs something to break up all that purple, though, don't you think? The actual gown has no trim in the back aside from a bit of lace at the bottom, so I didn't put any in. Suggestions?

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I want a motor duster. I have no conceivable reason to have one as yet, but I want one. I just figured out that to make one would cost around $70+ if you figure in pattern, fabric, shipping for pattern and fabric, interfacing and buttons.

OR I could buy one that I think is really pretty

I'm torn because it's a lot of money to spend on something A) not black (yeah, I could dye it, but I wouldn't), and B) out of my usual bustle era. Then I'd need to start making Edwardain clothing.

So of course this makes me want to make Edwardian clothing!! I want to make the 1909 Suit from the dreaded Rocking Horse Farm. Sadly, there is very little out there for true Edwardian, I think. You'd think it would be easier to make/more popular because it didn't involve complicated undergarments (hoops and bustles).

In other news, my books from the Temple Library came. Wow. The Cut of Women's Clothes by Norah Waugh is a MUST HAVE. Yeah, it's $80.00, but I'm gonna half to fork it over.
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Made with:
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I made this using Comic Life. It's a moodboard for my 1895 half mourning suit

Of course I spent half the morning playing around with that instead of working on the suit. Opps.
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I hit a wall with my purple NF gown. Just didn't feel like working on it for a while, I guess, and became enamoured with 4 yards of a black moire bengaline in my Stash that I got for $1/yd at a closeout sale earlier this year.

Realizing I really like to wear a particular skirt in my wardrobe, I decided that it made sense to make it again out of the moire bengaline. I am currently making the skirt from Simplicity 4156 (1895 suit) without the triangle appliques. The front seams will be covered with 3/4" black velvet ribbon. I then ordered 4 more yards of the fabric so I could make the matching jacket (which is a reproduction from a fashion plate, by the way. See cover of Stella Blum's "Paris Fashion of the 1890's"). So this will be an 1890's half-mourning suit even though I know the fabric is inappropriate ;P And I need to make the matching hat from the fashion plate!
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This is more for my own records, but feel free to read if you are bored!

This evening I serged the edges, made a 7" split from the top edge to create a back opening (will be covered by bodice, and I'll put it on over my head), attached bias tape horizontally to inside approx 10" down from top and inserted ribbon for gathering (first bow will cover the gathering when ribbon is pulled), gathered the top edges of back pouf section, made a waistband, attached both the front drapery and back pouf section to the waistband, and played with pleating on sides of pouf section to create poufs that are satisfactory.

Then I watched A Star is Born on TMC.

Tomorrow I'll take some photos as there should be sunlight.
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I got the overskirt front/sides drafted and made

See side view here )

I have cut out the panel for the back poufs, but I still have a ways to go to make that part, but I'll photo document the process for my future reference and yours.


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