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I continued work on my LM trained hoop bustle. It needed a front panel over the calves/knees to keep the skirts from falling into the open front and looking weird. I made a panel and covered it with 4 rows of white cotton ruffles. Should work :)

Then I actually got a little bit of work done on the VBS. Finished serging all the edges, put in the darts (yeah yeah, it's Butterick), made and applied the neck facing, sewed front to back, and started on the sleeves. I'd love to actually get it finished today.
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Well! That was a bit of an adventure! I was doing the grommets/washers on the bustle stays out on the deck of our 4th floor apartment so as to not bang on the floor directly above someone's living room. The timer went off for the laundry, and I stopped my grommeting to go change it. When I came back, the bustle was gone!! I flew to the railing and looked down. There it was in someone's bushes!! How embarrassing!

I ran down and got it. So the lesson is: Don't leave your bustle untethered outside or it will act like a sail and catch the wind!
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On the various Victorian sewing boards, ladies asked me #1, to show what the difference was between my skirt over this new bustle as opposed to other bustles I wear.

I did that HERE

and #2, they asked me what it was like to actually wear~ specifically, sit in, this trained bustle. I experimented with that HERE.

I hope my experiences have helped you if you were thinking about this trained bustle. It's not for every dress or every event, but I'm really happy to have it as part of my under structure collection.
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If you want to see progress pics of the bustle making, go HERE

For what most of you want, photos of the (almost) finished trained bustle!

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For my Buccaneer's dress, I am making a new steel wire bustle that has a built in train to keep the gown in the proper shape.

I am making View C


I have received a lot of advice regarding making this particular view, the problems experienced, etc. I'm ready to sew!

Here's the fabric I chose. Had to be striped (black and white), of course. I hope it doesn't show through!

I've transferred the markings for the boning channels to each piece. Next I have to change the spools to white thread on my serger to serge the sides before I put the pieces together.

I need to purchase 36 white size 00 grommets. Of course, Joann's doesn't carry actual grommets and washers, just the cheapy eyelets. So I'll order them from Delicious Corsets, which is near to me over in Philly. In the mean time, I'll complete as much as I can without the grommets.


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