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We did a bit of shopping at Convergence on the QM! Jason got a ton of stuff for once, and I found some cool things, too...

among my favorites:

I've always wanted a small notepad chatelaine, and they had them at Holzer and Combe Haberdashery!

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We had a great time onboard the Queen Mary this past weekend!

Here I am in my finished "Jump" dress. Thank you all SO MUCH for the compliments and support during this project. I'm really happy with the results. Perhaps some day I'll add the beaded medallions to the skirt :)

and the whole photo gallery from the weekend can be found here:

(for some reason, some photos can take up to 30 seconds to become unpixelated)

Funny story:

The night I wore the Jump dress, my sweet friend Cat took us out to a posh LA club called The Edison. Man, was it cool inside!! Anyway, there was a line of hot, young model-types waiting to get in, but because we were dressed the way we were, the bouncers let us in immediately! It was so fun to sail past the red velvet ropes with everyone looking on jealously!
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So as you know I've decided to go for a Titanic-era wardrobe for Convergence 15 on the Queen Mary next month. I think I'll only have time to make one thing, and that will be the Titanic Boarding Suit. I have the Winego patterns for the jacket and skirt and have even cut the patterns out. And thanks to [ profile] bauhausfrau, I have the striped linen. Accents will be black instead of purple.

Yesterday I was inspired by finding the Titanic Rose "Jump Dress" Barbie for a great price at a local shop. I tried to take pics of it, but they kept coming out too dark. If you Google it, you'll see it. Wish I had time to make a non-beaded version of that dress, too, but I'm not going to kill myself trying to make two things in 3 weeks.
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Not that I'm going to start sewing now, but I'd like to start thinking about my wardrobe for Convergence 15 aboard the Queen Mary next July. I see the rooms are decorated in the Art Deco style and that makes me want to have one 1920's outfit. Does anyone have any fashion plates or ideas for a 1920's outfit with a goth touch that would suit a curvy figure? Not that the 1920's ever "suited" a curvy figure, but one that wouldn't be totally awful, you know? What about a famous Paul Poiret harem pants outfit, a la Fleur Forsyte from The Forsyte Saga? Kambriel, I'll be coming to you for a headdress! Start brainstorming!

Oh, and I'm totally making two Titanic outfits (3 if I can get it together!!). I'm doing the Boarding Suit and I'm doing the flying dress. Now, I can do the boarding suit with the proper purple velvet accents, but I might go with black instead. Thoughts? Also, I could do the flying dress in the typical blue velvet and satin, but again, I might go black. Thoughts on that, too? I hear the original was black, so that makes me feel it's ok in my little costumer's brain.

The other day I ordered the Titanic butterfly comb and crocheted flying purse from Jill B. We'll see how the transaction goes this time.

Since this will be July, and California, will I die in the heat on board the ship? I was thinking "cool ocean breezes" would make these day outfits ok. Am I wrong?

OK, I really have to get ready for school or I'm going to be late for geology!


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