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Whoo hoo! On my "holy grail of accessories" list was a Victorian eyeglass chatelaine. Unfortunately, in antique shops and on Ebay, they have been running $100-$200 even when missing the lining or chain.

Check out what I just won on Ebay for $19.99. Lined in velvet.

The glasses are not part of the auction, but just there to show what style glasses will fit. I believe our repro Victorian sunglasses will fit.

I'm still on the lookout for a bargain on an aide memoire chatelaine.
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Once a year, Renninger's Antique show comes to the King of Prussia Convention Center, and it's the highlight of my Winter season. I just got home, and am pretty disappointed with what I saw. Almost no clothing, and only two of the pieces I saw were earlier than 1920, one parasol with broken ribs, and one Victorian bonnet of unremarkable appearance.

I was hoping to find chatelaine items like glasses cases, dance cards/memo pads/aide memoires, books like Peterson's or Godey's bound volumes or single issues, parasols, antique laces, antique or even vintage gloves, hats, etc. Aside from a few gloves and hats I wasn't interested in, none of these items were to be seen (ok, well, one volume of Peterson's, but it was that awkward 1869 transition year).

Anyway, I did come home with one thing. A pretty lace cape!

I'm thinking this might be 1890's. Thoughts?

However, there was tons of pretty to look at that was beyond my price range like 18th century portrait pins, mourning jewelry, hair jewelry, furniture, etc at the nearly 300 booths. Definitely worth the $6 entry fee!!
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This auction started out several weeks ago at somewhere in the realm of $900.00, at which I burst out laughing and even made my husband come look. Each week, it goes by unpurchased, and the price has gotten lower and lower and lower until it's finally reached a reasonable market value. I have no idea where she is getting that these cost $2-3K. Yeah, maybe if it's made by Worth and in gorgeous condition!
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Today I took a trip to the Renninger's Antique mall about an hour away. I found two delightful Victorian accessories!

I think this is 1890's due to it's large size. Black silk ribbon decor on left most spoke and the black silk wrist ribbon appear to be original

Next we have a stylish shoulder cape or mantle with magenta silk lining. I think this might also be 1890's because it can easily accommodate the large sleeves under it's circular shape.


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