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Well, here it is! I was afraid at first that the combination of a white gown and black robe would make me look like a Regency waitress, but I think it doesn't. It probably needs some trim, but that's for another day.

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So I ended up choosing a faux black silk dupioni for the open robe. On an aside, I also ended up ordering the Period Impressions 1809 spencer jacket pattern. A miracle might happen and I might be able to whip it out the week before the event. You never know.

OK, so!! I had meant to add sleeves and do the Marianne front tab, but I put on the audio book of Sense and Sensibility, and before I knew it, the whole bodice was together complete with lining. The lining went on in such a crazy and new way (to me), that I didn't realize I was finishing all the edges before the sleeves and front tabs went on. It's too late for the sleeves, but I can still open up the CF and put in the front tab if I feel like it.

Also, I wish I would have thought of this in the beginning, but I should have used the back of the S&S pattern for the robe bodice. The Butterick version uses darts instead of having a separate side piece, which is obviously not period correct. But like I said, I was just trying to whip this out fast and wasn't thinking. Try not to stare horrified at my modern construction!

No photos yet because right now it just looks like some 1970's vest on a Regency dress.

So today I need to do the hem, do the front tabs, put the skirt on the bodice, and it's done.
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So I've decided that since I don't have a spencer jacket pattern (and don't feel confident yet to scale up the one from Hunnisett's book), I'll use the Butterick B4890 robe pattern. I might re-draft the front to look more like Marianne's picnic robe from the '95 S&S.

So, what fabric to use? The gown is white stripe, so I can do anything, really. I've decided I want to make it fun and unexpected. A black and white stripe? A black and white diamond pattern? Can you tell I'm inspired by Mondo?

Ugh, never mind. I can't find any cool fabric in my budget. Something plain it is.
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Well, after over a year, I have picked up the Regency dress project again. Here is where it is now. It just needs a skirt and sleeve hem and it's done.
If memory serves, I think I used a combination of patterns from Sense and Sensibility as I wanted a flatter front on the skirt and the drawstring top, but I forget the details.

I hate how square the shoulders look on the dress form. Man, I hope it doesn't look like that on me!

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I'm using the Sense and Sensibility Elegant Lady's Wardrobe pattern. So I have the bodice constructed! Not sure it looks right, though! I know it will hopefully look different once attached to a skirt, but it looks so...square - even the shoulders look broad. Ah, well. I'm sure it will hang differently on me, right?

So here's the bodice so far. I hand sewed the neckline drawstring casing. I figured that would make the hand sewing fans around here pleased :) I even hand sewed part of the arm scye because it was being difficult.

Oh, and that crazy long drawstring tie will be shortened and tucked back to the inside where it belongs :)

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So I've decided to finally tackle a Regency dress. I have that white on white striped voile left over from the Chemise a la Reine as well as a few patterns on hand. I have the Sense and Sensibility Elegant Lady's Closet and the Simplicity version of her Regency Gown pattern. I can't decide if I want a flatter, less gathered bodice like in the Simplicity evening version or if I want the gathered drawstring version. I'm doing elbow length sleeves. What do you think? I feel the non-gathered version will make me look less frumpy. As a girl of average height with curves, I have to consider such things.

I then plan to make an open robe of my black and red striped taffeta
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So last night, quite by accident, I discovered that a local PBS channel has been running Regency House Party on Thursday nights! I missed last week, but I saw most of last night's. I haven't seen it in quite a while as I have no idea where my VHS copy is that I recorded when it originally aired several years ago. Now I'm on a Regency kick and want to make a new gown, but I can't!

In other news, the pocket I attempted to make last week was a failure, so I had to re-cut a new jacket peplum. Yesterday I made the pocket flaps with contrasting piping. If I can't have a pocket, I can still have pocket flaps!
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Last night, I had Linsey and her friend Scott over to watch Northanger Abbey (2008). Linsey and I dressed in our cotton Regency gowns while Scott delighted us with a selection from the '40's... 1940's!! I wore a silver double metal hair band, and curled my hair for the occasion into something resembling Regency style.

I had flowers all around, candles lit, finger sandwiches, chocolates, cheeses, cookies, crackers, and both red and white wine in glass decanters. Whenever Mr. Tilney came on the screen, Linsey and I fluttered our sandalwood fans in acknowledgment of his charms! I think next time, we should have a drink every time Catherine Moreland says "wicked"!

Scott tells us there is a group nearby that meets once a month to have a Regency dance! How exciting! So my new planned gown with the purple sari fabric will come into use!

Pardon the bad photoshop job I did of removing the bicycle rack on the wall!! It just ruined the shot! We should have stood in the dining room instead!!

I plan on having Regency movie parties until all the good Jane Austen movies are watched.
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I have my Regency short stays on, too, to show how the chemise and stays look together. I'm so glad it's done!! And my gown pattern arrived in today's mail, so now I can go look at it and see if I can get the pattern cut out. Tomorrow I will wash the fabric before cutting the gown out.

Oh wait. I have to make the petticoat and bum pad first. Darn it! LOL!! Just as I thought I was about to start on the gown I realized I had MORE underthings to make!


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