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Some of you have already seen this, but I'll post it again since it's related to what I talk about on this journal.

I won an auction for an original turn of the century Edwardian black silk blouse and skirt for $25.00. I was the only bidder. I have no idea why as the size is equivalent to a "medium" today. It's not wearable, of course, but that was to be expected (and mentioned in the auction).

I couldn't resist putting it on!

The sleeves are shattered and the skirt has places where the silk is shattering, but it was ok to stand still in for a moment or two for some photos.

more photos of the dress this way... )
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OMG, when you do a search of "titanic jump dress", MY gown comes up in the image section collage!! Top two right-hand photos.


(here's where the image came from:
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Wow, a woman I know made one of the most amazing versions of the Titanic "jump" dress I've ever seen!

Puts my version to shame! Anyway, enjoy!
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Well, here it is!! I can't believe I did it!!

more photos under the cut )
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Got more work done on the dress. Point d'sprit net overskirt has sequin trim; bustline fringe and first layer of skirt fringe are sewn on. Whoo hoo! Need to do hem, final layer of fringe, and zipper. I think this baby is going to get done for the trip!!

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Bodice is just pinned to skirt, and the trim isn't on, and it still needs a zipper and hem...

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Wow, it's really been a long time since I had an update over here! I ended up scrapping the boarding suit for my trip because I realized it would be too hot. I decided to go with the Jump dress instead, and have VERY slowly been working on that. I am combining the bodice from the Simplicity pattern and the skirt from the Laughing Moon pattern and making the rest up. So far, the arm openings from the Simplicity pattern would fit a thin 6 year old, so I have to enlarge those. Neckline might be too small on the lace overlay, too, but that is just as easily remedied. There will be a zipper involved (please don't take away my historical sewing card!). I hear tell zippers were around in 1913, so that's close enough. We'll say my dress maker had an advanced copy ;)

I hope to have a photo of my progress tomorrow. Wish me luck that the skirt matches up with the bodice!
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So I popped over to Joann's to get lining, black linen, and a few supplies for the Titanic Boarding Suit when I saw the crepe back satin was on sale. And they had the most delicious red. Yeah, so I bought that just in case I have time to work on the Jump Dress for Convergence.

This is a tough week for me because I scheduled a bunch of needed dental work for Mon, Thurs, and Friday and I'm taking someone sight seeing on Wed. I won't be able to start working on anything again until the weekend (and I think I'm going to that Acorn Hall Victorian Weekend on Sunday)
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So as you know I've decided to go for a Titanic-era wardrobe for Convergence 15 on the Queen Mary next month. I think I'll only have time to make one thing, and that will be the Titanic Boarding Suit. I have the Winego patterns for the jacket and skirt and have even cut the patterns out. And thanks to [ profile] bauhausfrau, I have the striped linen. Accents will be black instead of purple.

Yesterday I was inspired by finding the Titanic Rose "Jump Dress" Barbie for a great price at a local shop. I tried to take pics of it, but they kept coming out too dark. If you Google it, you'll see it. Wish I had time to make a non-beaded version of that dress, too, but I'm not going to kill myself trying to make two things in 3 weeks.
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I'm so excited! I just found a 10 yr anniversary edition Pink Label Titanic Rose Barbie for $14.99 at a local shop. Pretty red evening dress!
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I want a motor duster. I have no conceivable reason to have one as yet, but I want one. I just figured out that to make one would cost around $70+ if you figure in pattern, fabric, shipping for pattern and fabric, interfacing and buttons.

OR I could buy one that I think is really pretty

I'm torn because it's a lot of money to spend on something A) not black (yeah, I could dye it, but I wouldn't), and B) out of my usual bustle era. Then I'd need to start making Edwardain clothing.

So of course this makes me want to make Edwardian clothing!! I want to make the 1909 Suit from the dreaded Rocking Horse Farm. Sadly, there is very little out there for true Edwardian, I think. You'd think it would be easier to make/more popular because it didn't involve complicated undergarments (hoops and bustles).

In other news, my books from the Temple Library came. Wow. The Cut of Women's Clothes by Norah Waugh is a MUST HAVE. Yeah, it's $80.00, but I'm gonna half to fork it over.
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Those Titanic-like shoes got me thinking...I will be vacationing on the Queen Mary for 3 days in July, and have a semi-Titanic inspired wardrobe planned. As it will be hot, I fear that doing the Flying Dress in velvet and satin will kill me. What do you guys think of doing it in linen? And what color combination? This is a goth event, but if I do the whole thing in black, the details will get lost and I'll still be hot.

Renaissance Fabrics has some lovely linen colors. I'm thinking perhaps lilac linen jacket with black linen sash, jacket panels, sleeve detail, and skirt(s).

Any other ideas?
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Ebay was kind to me yesterday! Through the generosity of the Belle Alley, I was alerted to the Ebay sale of these shoes. As they were a buy it now, I scooped them up!!

I'm very excited because they resemble Rose's "jump dress" shoes from the movie Titanic, as can be seen in the following link:
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I love the look of the pigeon front blouses, and wondered what was under there to get that silhouette. I have found two undergarments that answer that question!

The first is from an ad

Then, from the Met, these lovely shapers. I LOVE the boned one on the right! Genius! (this photo is a clicky link)


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