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RUN, don't walk to your nearest Joann's

There is a Steampunk motoring coat for men and women, plus driving hats

A new Elizabethan (er, Tudor?) gown

New 16th c. underpinnngs

AND Simplicity patterns are 99 cents for the next three days!!!
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I officially haven't sewn a single stitch in a whole week! I needed a break after the purple natural form gown and the 1890's half mourning gown. I wore the purple gown this past Saturday, but photos didn't turn out. The details of the gown are totally lost in the flash. The photos I posted before are better, so I won't bother posting the photos of me in the gown. I also wore the half mourning gown to a mourning art museum two weekends ago and had a great time. Photos posted here and here.

Joann's is having a sale!

Butterick patterns are 2 for $3, so I got B4929 (jackets pattern) and B4732 (evening gown and coat pattern). For the second one, I just wanted the pattern for the evening coat. I picture making it from a net lace fabric. I plan to goth it out with puffed sleeves, too.

Notions wall is 40% off
Linen and linen look fabrics are 40% off

Next I began work on a hat project I've had on the table for 3 years! I've been trying to figure out how to shape my buckram so that it has an hour glass shape. I've asked several milliners over the course of time, and they either won't tell me or they don't know. So, after a conversation with [ profile] labricoleuse last year, I decided to carve my own hat block out of styrofoam. Wow, that was an interesting project!! So I have finished the hat block and will start on the hat this week.
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Today I got off my butt and ordered Truly Victorian 1878 Tie-back underskirt, 1882 Tea gown, and the Talma wrap. From Winego Patterns I ordered Rose's Boarding Suit pattern. From I got Frances Grimbles "Fashions of the Gilded Age, Vol 1: Undergarments, Bodices, Skirts, Overskirts, Polonaises, and Day Dresses 1877-1882". Whew! It feels good to finally have ordered these patterns I've been drooling over for so long.

OK! Now to get back to the 1895 Walking Suit!
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I loved the 2001 mini series "Victoria and Albert". I have always loved to gaze upon the Butterick pattern for Victoria's coronation gown, but at the time of it's release, I didn't imagine a use for it. Now I do. BUT, according to the Great Pattern Review, the pattern is terrible (sleeves are a pain or something). With the upcoming release of Young Victoria, I decided I didn't care and was going to pick it up anyway. It's never available in my size on Ebay, and today, there it was as a cheap Buy It Now. See, I just know that once the movie is released, this OOP pattern will suddenly become expensive. So anyway, there you go. I bought it, and I am pleased.

In other actual sewing news, I did do a wee bit of work on the purple NF gown on Thursday. I finished the drawstring casings for the back poufs, tacked up the pleats, pinned in tapes to keep the poufs in place (I don't tack so I can take them out and wash/iron) and made the big bows. I do love an ass bow, and this gown has three! So now I need to put in the closure and start on the bodice.

Here's a poorly lit shot of the back. It needs something to break up all that purple, though, don't you think? The actual gown has no trim in the back aside from a bit of lace at the bottom, so I didn't put any in. Suggestions?

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Truly Victorian patterns has come out with the long awaited BUSTLE COAT pattern!!

*Kat holds her own private parade*

(And I love that the short version looks just like the one I made last year!!)

*scampers off to order the new pattern and dream of a long bustle coat.*
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Yesterday I was at Joann's getting supplies for my 18th c. riding jacket. I ended up getting the New Look 6756 cape pattern. I figure it will be good to make a faux skin (I was thinking snakeskin) cape for my steampunk outfit. I like the sort of military feel about this one.

Of course, my Joann's is sold out of the black snakeskin and black shiny pvc. Darn it! 60% off right now, too. I might pop over to the big Joann's and check there.

Progress with the 18th c. riding habit jacket: lining and FF are together at CF, but I find that it's still too big in the waist and too small at the neckline. It was too small at the neckline in the medium, too, so I'm not sure how to handle it. Cut the neckline bigger so my top button can button? [ profile] bauhausfrau, did you have this problem?
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I'm not sure when this came out, but Lynne McMasters has a new tiny bonnet pattern out and it's FABULOUS. I can't wait to get it! Since one can't link directly to anything on the site, I'll tell you it's under "Patterns" and is called "Late Victorian Small Bonnet Pattern".

I made a fabulous trumpet skirt from Burda 8856. It was supposed to have a lace overlay, but the underskirt color was too dark to showcase the lace, so I made it as a one layer skirt instead.

It fits me exactly! I love it! Thank you [ profile] bauhausfrau for the red fabric!

I saw The Duchess at a matinee today. I was so in love with two of the gowns that I almost couldn't contain my joy. One was the striped gown she wears when she introduces Bess to her daughters. And I forget what the other one was! But there were so many gorgeous frocks. Please oh please, can I have just one of them? The hats were my every dream (especially Bess' hat from the same scene previously mentioned) and I loved all the jewelry. I hope jewelry designers are inspired and similar pieces show up in the stores in the next year.
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OK, I know several of you have warned me away from the Rocking Horse Farm patterns, but I have an opportunity to get one on sale, and I wanted your opinion.

Has anyone tried the "Colonial Riding Habit" pattern?

It's to recreate the famous Dangerous Liaisons yellow traveling gown that Glenn Close wears. Is it an ok pattern? Terrible? Should I get it?
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Does anyone have this to sell? (if you don't, but have a suggestion, please read the text under the photo BEFORE commenting. Thank you!!!)

Yes, I have tried Ebay, but thank you for the suggestion.

I also own the Laughing Moon 1909-13 gown pattern. I made it, and it's lovely.

No, I can't draft my own or alter an existing pattern to look like this one.

I appreciate the tip, but I didn't care for the patterns offered on Patterns of Time or Ageless Patterns, and I cannot draft up the patterns from Janet Arnold's book.

Yes, I know it's a Big 3 and has crappy modern lines.

I still want this one *dumb grin*.
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This jacket has adventure. Turns out that though my cotton mockup fit great, somehow, when I made it out of the fashion fabric, it did not. I'll spare you the pictures, but it didn't fit above the waist!! I ended up cutting out an extra panel for both the right and left center front, and that made it fit. Looks double breasted now, too, which is cool.

Here is a progress pic...


I just bought the Old World Enterprises "Bustle Evening Outerwrap" pattern because it comes with a beaded overlay pattern like one of these that I've been drooling over on Ebay:


It even comes with a transfer for the floral beading pattern so I don't have to hand-draw it! I'm too excited! Of course, this will take me 10 years to finish, but I'm happy anyway!


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