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Here are the screen shots I took of costumes in the movie. Oh, and a hot photo of Louis and Armand ;)
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For years I've been obsessed with the two "jewel" gowns from Interview With the Vampire, that I have neglected other gowns in the film. I am working on a dress based on the gowns that Claudia and Madeline wear in the scene where Claudia asks Louis to make Madeline a vampire. Mine is of green and black shot taffeta. Anyway, as I'm cutting out the skirt base, I popped the movie in. And the scene with the New Orleans whores revealed a dress I'd ignored in the past. And my god, it's gorgeous! Regency deliciousness:

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I know a lot of people haven't seen this movie yet, so my Sunday afternoon gown was lost on them. It was based on a gown that "Lizzie" wears upon her arrival in England in the movie based on the Edith Wharton book "The Buccaneers". Here's a screen shot I took

and here's my version (in the time I couldn't find striped sheer) and matching hat

and another shot with the train down from this past weekend (thank you isabelladeangelo for the photo!)
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I saw on my wish list that the manufacturer has discontinued "Wives and Daughters" on dvd. Are there different manufacturers and just one is no longer producing the movie, or is this movie about to be really hard to find and expensive? Just in case, I broke down and finally ordered it.
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Well!! It turns out that over in Europe, they have released a DVD that contains the entire 1st and 2nd series of the BBC's "Forsyte Saga" miniseries from early 2000 titled "The Complete Forsyte Saga"!! Inexpensive, too. This is NOT to be confused with "The Forsyte Saga, the Complete Series" from 1969, which I don't want.


But it's not available as a complete series yet (or ever?) in the US. No, we have to pay a lot more and buy them separately. Pooh!!
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That's frustrating. I was trying desperately to get screen caps of some of Cynthia and Mrs. Gibson's gowns, but it seems that in every second of every scene, they have a fan, hand, handkerchief, or shawl in front of their waistline!! Any scene in which their hands are otherwise occupied, the shot shows from the bust up, side, or back. GRRRR!

I did get some nice screen shots of the gossipy Mrs. Goodenough, brilliantly played by Elizabeth Spriggs :)

I've settled on a muave or muave/grey silk or taffeta for my 1830's gown. Now where to find it and at a reasonable price?? I'm still trying to find the perfect "gold green" shot silk for my purple sari regency gown.
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Indeed, a sad day. Elizabeth Spriggs, beloved actress, has died. There shall be no more winkling. I burst into tears upon hearing the news.

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Squeee! A new trailer is out for The Duchess!!

Get out your panniers and powdered wigs and enjoy!
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I've been waiting patiently for scans from the companion book Sweeny Todd: The Deamon Barber of Fleet Street that I saw mentioned on The Costumers Guide to Movie Costumes. I hear it's got tons of costume photos and sketches, and I think I'm going to need this book. Need!!

Has anyone seen the book yet? Before I spend my precious money, I want to know what's in there!

And for those of you that are local and attend the annual Victorian Party, please note that I'd love to see adaptations from Sweeny Todd, Stardust, and any other Victorian-esque costume movie. My gown will be based on a costume movie. Special prize to the (US-based) person who guesses what it is (those with inside knowledge exempt!)! Hint: it's striped.

Now, I wasn't going to mention it, but I'm going to be working on an 18th century corset from Butterick 4254 view A, top left. I have read the various problems with the pattern on Corsetmakers and The Great Pattern Review, so I'm not asking about that. A lovely lady on my friend's list wrote about her experience making this corset, but it's in French. What does she say, please?

Just in case she has valuable advice, I need to know! Hers is gorgeous! I see she is keeping the horizontal boning at the bust line, which everyone told me to omit, so I'm wondering if she has a trick to make it work.


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