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Feb. 6th, 2010 09:13 am
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My beautiful spangled antique fan came. It's beautiful! It's bigger than I pictured. The guards are 14" long! Photographing this has proved difficult, but I'll share my attempts.

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Whoo hoo! On my "holy grail of accessories" list was a Victorian eyeglass chatelaine. Unfortunately, in antique shops and on Ebay, they have been running $100-$200 even when missing the lining or chain.

Check out what I just won on Ebay for $19.99. Lined in velvet.

The glasses are not part of the auction, but just there to show what style glasses will fit. I believe our repro Victorian sunglasses will fit.

I'm still on the lookout for a bargain on an aide memoire chatelaine.
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Ebay was kind to me yesterday! Through the generosity of the Belle Alley, I was alerted to the Ebay sale of these shoes. As they were a buy it now, I scooped them up!!

I'm very excited because they resemble Rose's "jump dress" shoes from the movie Titanic, as can be seen in the following link:
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I made this yesterday evening. Well, most of it! I accidentally sewed the ends together before I pulled the cord to the right side and had to unpick it and fix that. Opps! Anyway, here it is from Butterick B5265

Took me hours to get the pic up because J changed some settings and didn't update my Cyberduck so I could upload photos. All fixed now! Yay, Jason!
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I'm having trouble *not* sewing. I made a drawstring purse on Friday. Very bad of me!! I was supposed to be writing a paper!

This was made from "stash" fabric and trims. Black bengaline, white venise lace, black tassel, white taffeta lining. And it holds a lot! Yay! I can put my camera, makeup, and calling cards in this baby!

But I got a lot of work done on the paper yesterday. 7 pages done. yay! Now I have to finish it today to turn in tomorrow.
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Since we've been talking jewelry tonight, I thought I'd share my ever growing brooch collection. Some are cheap, some are not, all are loved!


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