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Hem overskirt

make and attach buttons and loops (acquire cream ribbon for loops?)

sew on hooks and bars

sew down neckline trim

make and sew down sleeve and cf bodice trim

oh yeah, stitch pinned sleeve hem
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So as you may recall, I added an extra width of fabric to the polonaise overskirt to make it nice and floufy. I totally failed at getting it pleated onto the bodice. Epic fail. I had to remove the extra panel and just go with the original width to make it fit. *hangs head* I spent hours on this and wasted a whole sewing day, and since I barely have time left to begin with, this makes me frustrated. So I hand sewed the skirt to the bodice and it looks fine (though my stitching is really bad!).

Left to do on the poloniase:

Hem overskirt

make and attach buttons and loops (acquire cream ribbon for loops?)

sew on hooks and bars

sew down neckline trim

make and sew down sleeve and cf bodice trim

oh yeah, stitch pinned sleeve hem
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In 2009, I'd really like to make...

bustle gown to go with new beaded capelet

Regency open robe

Regency gown to go under half robe

Titanic Boarding Suit

recover at least one of my antique parasol frames

Another Natural Form era gown

TV bustle coat

New Steampunk ensemble for 2009 saloncon. Perhaps Edwardian with motoring jacket and goggles. Any ideas for me?

Finally make new Elizabethan from that green silk

Bustle skirt and over skirt from a million yards of black tulle

finish black tiered lace trumpet skirt

perhaps take a stab at making a white 18th c corset to go under Chemise gown. I didn't love the half stays under it last year.

and I need to come up with something for Convergence on the Queen Mary. I might buy a '20's dress instead of making one. But, I have to book a room first!!
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Why am I awake after only 4 hours of sleep? My brain will not shut off and I'm bored.

Early list of 2008 sewing projects

black and red striped 1885 "Dracula" bodice
3 piece black and pink brocade 1885 bustle gown

Black velvet bustle coat
Black "brain" velvet bonnet

2 piece 1890's black taffeta evening gown

Laughing Moon trained steel hooped bustle
White taffeta 1875 petticoat
Black and white striped bustled overskirt
Black and white striped 1875 underskirt

1875 garden hat
Black and white striped 1875 bodice (with help from Kambriel and Curse)
Black 18th century stays

Black and white stripe with pink Victorian Bathing Suit (with help from Kambriel)
Regency chemise
18th century cotton petticoat
small bum pad
Red bengaline "Olenska" tail bodice

18th century Chemise gown
covered and decorated straw hat for 18th c chemise gown
1830's corded cotton petticoat
steampunk brash mesh top hat

Victorian spats
1890's bicycle bloomers
3 piece 1880ish black benagline and velvet evening gown
black velvet mini top hat
1830's purple taffeta evening gown
white silk mini top hat for friend
red metallic mini top hat - commission

Finish up details on 1830's gown like belt and back closure

Red 18th century riding jacket

Black mini top hat for sale on Etsy (sold - yay!)
Black with white venise lace reticule
Black pvc 1885 bustle gown started - underskirt mostly finished

December (so far):
overskirt and bodice fashion fabric of pvc gown cut out

December to do list:
finish pvc bustle gown for NYE
hopefully make another bustle coat from new TV pattern! Need fabric -yikes
fur muff for Winter Stroll Jan 3rd
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I feel so torn between so many projects!! Here's what I currently have in my head:

~The 1830's gown for SalonCon (fabric and pattern in hand) Done!
~A black bengaline and velvet NF evening gown (need TV 422 as well as make a suitable petticoat) Done!
~Finish the Olenska gown (bodice done)
~New Ren gown for the Fall (silk and pattern in hand)
~recover antique parasol
~Victorian goth bustle gown made of way too much black netting
~Titanic Boarding Suit (anyone try the Winego pattern for that one? Notes or advice, please!)
~Titanic Flying suit (got the pattern already)
~new Regency gown (have S&S pattern and some of the fabric)
~Regency open robe (have the pattern, no idea on how I want this to look yet)

I need $300 and 6 more months off!


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