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I forgot to mention that Butterick has put out a pattern with 7 historical gloves. Yay!


May. 27th, 2009 09:00 am
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I wish TV or someone would publish a pattern for the pretty turn of the century pouter pigeon gowns. I have the Janet Arnold, of course, but I need directions. Ageless Patterns and Patterns of Time don't have anything like this, either.

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Thank you guys so much for the wonderful 18th century gown photos for my new fabric! Since I'm easily swayed and love to do group projects, I'm going to jump on the Polonaise Bandwagon and do Georgiana's gown from The Duchess (Thanks to [ profile] bauhausfrau for the screen shots!). [ profile] bauhausfrau even supplied me with a pattern that everyone seems to like: Period Impressions 1770 Polonaise and Petticoat pattern. Though one could also use Butterick 3640 (left hand version) in a pinch.

This all makes perfect sense as one of my favorite gowns from Marie Antoinette is her blue stripe polonaise (thanks to [ profile] padawansguide's Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes for the screen shots

All that floufiness is soo delicious!!

I think the fabric I have is a silk taffeta. I'll have to ask Beth for sure. Maybe it's faux? I don't know. It does seem to have a crispness to it, so I think it will work! I hope there is enough of the stripe to do both the overgown and underskirt plus trim!
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Looks like Reconstructing History is putting out some new patterns that look really great!

I wonder if the reason for the new chemise dress is due to the large number of ladies of my acquaintance who made them this past Spring/Summer!!

I also like the Regency men's greatcoat and the ladies' Regency morning dress


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