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I hit a wall with my purple NF gown. Just didn't feel like working on it for a while, I guess, and became enamoured with 4 yards of a black moire bengaline in my Stash that I got for $1/yd at a closeout sale earlier this year.

Realizing I really like to wear a particular skirt in my wardrobe, I decided that it made sense to make it again out of the moire bengaline. I am currently making the skirt from Simplicity 4156 (1895 suit) without the triangle appliques. The front seams will be covered with 3/4" black velvet ribbon. I then ordered 4 more yards of the fabric so I could make the matching jacket (which is a reproduction from a fashion plate, by the way. See cover of Stella Blum's "Paris Fashion of the 1890's"). So this will be an 1890's half-mourning suit even though I know the fabric is inappropriate ;P And I need to make the matching hat from the fashion plate!
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Forget line drawings!! We now have LIVE coats posted to Truly Victorian! See two versions...

Heather said, "One is the thigh length, coat sleeve, storm collar, fitted coat. The other is the knee length, bell sleeve, notch collar/lapel, semi fitted coat. I am thinking I am going to go ahead and put dart into the other coat and make it fitted too. I really like the fitted look."

The only problem I have with the pattern is that she recommends cotton or calico for the lining. Coats should have a slippery lining so you can easily slip it on or off, shouldn't they? Personally, I'd line it in lining material. Thoughts?
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Whoo hoo! Not that I have any fabric yet, but my pattern is here MY PATTERN IS HERE!

Anyone have a link for some medium weight, red tone-on-tone floral brocade for the jacket (see previous entry for pattern)?

What do you think of this fabric for the riding jacket?
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Still deciding on a pattern, but I've got a deadline now, so I swear I'll pick this time!!

I'm told that the Rocking Horse Farm pattern is crap, so that's out.

I'm told that the Reconstructing History pattern is probably good. But it is expensive.

I found a third option!!

What about the Wingeo version (click)?

The Great Pattern Review does NOT review this pattern, but I see their other patterns are favorably reviewed, so it gives me hope. If I can get a cheaper pattern that's good, I'd rather do this one. I wish I could just draft it myself, but I can't (or won't ;p).

Thoughts, my Chemise a la Reine fans??
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I've decided to make a VBS. Yes, I'm on the ole bandwagon!

Here's the pattern I have

It's going to be made from the same fabric as my 1890's suit (black with white pinstripes garbardine) and pink cotton bloomers and ruffles. I stole (with permission) the fabric combo idea from the same lady I copied the fabric idea for the 1890's suit. We both had tons of this fabric left over, so why not??


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